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It Is All About Presentation!!
Volume II, Issue 41
Over the weekend I attended a five-star plus wedding and reception.   Extending huge compliments to the parents of the bride as well as the bride and groom would fall short in my opinion as it would not begin to cover the time, planning, know-how, commitment and resources made by these individuals and others to pull off the amazing event. In contrast, most of us have been the beneficiary of events, activities or projects where such an investment has not been made and the below par quality is visible.  
Whether it is our personal appearance or the appearance of the product or service that we create, provide or deliver, it is essential in my opinion to pay attention to how we package what we are promoting. The degree of impact of the image, favorable or unfavorable, unquestionably is tied to how we present. In the work world our presentations include our dress, behavior, communication methods, values, reports, speeches, publications, interactions, policies, research, and more. 

Below are a few steps  that I take to help boost the quality of personal and product/service presentations:
1. Understand what the subject of the presentation is
2. Research the audience to be impacted
3. Create a plan that identifies tasks, deadlines, talent and other resources needed for presentation completion
4. Ask for feedback from trusted sources before plan roll out
5. Prepare for the unexpected
8. Ask for and learn from audience feedback 

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