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Are We Reacting to the Right Stuff?
Volume II, Issue 40
After an emotionally charged day and reflecting on decisions made, I often question myself about how I responded? Am I reacting to the right stuff? I probably am and you are as well. It is somewhat unnerving, however, to accept that we may be basing increasingly our reactions to fake news or fiction. At the same time, I can only react to what I know and hoping that it is the real deal -- my own knowledge and research or that shared with me by a trusted source that I embrace.

The words of wisdom of Arthur Ashe, the renowned Tennis Player from Richmond Virginia, that You start where you are, Use what you have and Do what you can, provide reassurance that we act based on the circumstances before us and apply the best resources that we have in taking action or making a decision. Additionally, I try not to rethink decisions and actions by playing the "what if" game! This should occur at the beginning of and not post a process for problem solving, decision-making and strategy and solution formation.

Another tact that I have used in addressing matters that I believe will have a huge impact is to share the decision or action in advance with a confidante, who is always someone in my carefully selected network. I keep as well a journal of decisions and actions as much of what we react to if indeed we plan to react has been placed in front of us previously. It really helps to use this approach as I found that it helps reduce stress... I believe that 90% of what we encounter has occurred before in one fashion or another.

Amelia Earhart once commented that "the most difficult thing is to act, the rest is tenacity." Accordingly, there is boldness in all of us and the genius of it shines when we react to the right stuff!

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