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Craving for a Calm Day
Volume II, Issue 34
Over the past three years, I have seemingly experienced too many of those 24/7 days. In reflecting, I am not certain that the outcomes from the investment of my time, thinking and talent have resulted in a return that is larger than those where I have spent less time etc.  All of us in journeying through life have felt the weight of managing/lifting up too many balls. 
Some of my symptoms of those stressful days include showing up too early or late for a meeting, missing an appointment, overreacting to an ordinary situation, failing to prioritize or note the tasks of a day( believing that I will recall all from memory), sneaking a glance at my cell phone in church, emptying too many potato chip and other snack bags and popping the can on too many caffeine beverages.  
Other signs of being on edge are the days when you allow others to wreck your confidence or blow-up from the expression of a few clearly hurtful words that usually would just roll off your back. For example, when someone says you don't look well and you know that you don't but just can't handle those spoken words by another who could be your boss, colleague, staff member, spouse, family member or friend. 
So what should all of us strive to do when our behavior suggests that we are having a bad day or are Craving for a Calm Day, I lean on steps (in no particular order) as shown below:
1.  Remove myself physically from the space (usually my home or office) that may be contributing to the discomfort for a few hours or longer if possible
2.  Spend time expanding on a creative idea that I  keep placing in the parking lot for later consideration
3.  Record a message in my smart phone that captures my emotion(s) .  When I play back the recording, the challenge that I am experiencing is not always recognizable as the language used to describe the situation is filled with expletives and other poor word choices.  I feel better though and a little embarrassed that I am experiencing such a melt down. Generally, just listening to the message is enough for me to change gears and reach a better place
4.  Keep a picture or two in my wallet, purse or phone that provides a visual of content, confidence and tranquility
5.  Change my focus and time allocated for tasks by placing some contingency in my daily schedule such as the contingency I place in a budget
6.  Don't waste time thinking about what I can do to transition to a calm state... sometimes it is simply by trial and error and I know when I have reached that state as it is very comforting 
When looking for approaches to satisfy a craving to reach calmer days on your success journey connect with Marilyn at 804.782.1938 or
Wishing Everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!
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