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Missed It
Volume II, Issue 33
The Super Bowl was wild and wonderful if you are a New England Patriots football fan. I can still hear the thunderous applause from fans for Tom Brady, the team and the coaching staff . For the Atlanta Falcons family and fans, I am not sure how all is reconciled with the loss, especially with the extraordinary lead of the first half.

When we Miss It like the Atlanta Falcons, there is usually some impact and it can trigger a non-response or ones that range from emotional to strategic. So what can we do when we Miss It and believe that we can't simply dismiss the incident or situation? The following may help you as it has helped me to overcome the Miss Its on my life's journey;

1. Take a pause and turn your thoughts to another matter as quickly as possible. Diversion for a time can be helpful. For example, I have played tennis, ironed shirts, created a piece of art for my M2Arm Collection etc.

2. Raise a few questions about the situation - is it life threatening, will it erode your reputation, will it have significant cost ramifications or will others experience some exposure?

3. Play the Miss It situation against your overall vision for yourself or your organization. Have you really missed it or is what you missed less significant than you anticipated when you take into account other factors.

4. Call on those in your network for their thoughts and guidance while you problem-solve. Problem solving will help you to determine the underlying causes of the situation. It may well be that the Miss It is more about another individual or another situation than yourself.

5. Recall what Albert Einstein emphasized "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." So even if a rational explanation emerges that solves the Miss It episode in our professional, personal or business lives, the sky is the limit for imagining what can happen next after we Miss It. I missed an opportunity to go to medical school but I would have missed another opportunity to come to Virginia and start a new chapter that eventually would lead to work with physicians albeit not one myself !!

As you look to balancing any positives or negatives from your Miss It situations, connect with Marilyn West today to bring clarity and conclusions at 804.782.1938 or
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