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Staying Focused When Factors in Your Landscape  Change Abruptly

Volume II, Issue 43
This morning about 5:30 AM EST, I pushed the wrong button on my email system ...Devastating to say the least!  The good news is that I have all my emails but the unread, read and deleted emails are in a single file.  The bad news is that there are 1000s of emails to sort on the journey to re-create a manageable email system. I t will take hours and days to accomplish this task since the burden resides with me to make the judgments about what emails I should place in what file folders.   

Perhaps, you have experienced similar problems and you, like I will in the future, recover.  As I am trying to place all in perspective and line up the email task with others, it does pale somewhat in significance when I take a look at other priorities.  In doing so (especially since I have all the emails) I felt compelled to let go of the negative and move on to what was on my agenda for today, the remainder of the week etc.   

It is worthwhile noting as well that it is the plan  I designed before the experienced crisis or the appearance of one that has helped to offset the stress felt. Below are a few other steps that you may wish to take to avoid discomfort that I felt a short time ago:
  1. Pay attention to  timelines.  Don't wait until the last minute to accomplish tasks to satisfy goals and objectives
  2. Limit Multi-tasking.   Managing too many tasks at once works contrary to goal achievement
  3. Review the plan  of action frequently to make sure task assignments remain relevant, are yours or can be transferred or delegated to others
  4. Start your work day at a reasonable hour whenever possible and make sure that you are fully alert
  5. Recall that negative experiences oftentimes are as nourishing 
    to our growth as the positive ones
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