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Volume II, Issue 38
Over the weekend, one of the news outlets ran a story about the value of unplugging. In this situation, an employer encouraged/required employees to take a vacation and as an incentive to do so, they would receive a bonus. What a grand idea if a company can afford to help reward and motivate employees in this manner. The idea of unplugging has merits. In fact, I have addressed the value of disconnecting from the routine or from challenging moments or times in at least two prior issues of M4. The December 12, 2016 issue, Pack Your Suitcase for a Monthly Vacation, provides a perspective about the benefits of taking a break as does the September 26, 2016 issue, Pack Your Bags and Leave Town.

The Bottom Line from separating from your agenda for even the shortest period of time can be generally reflected in an improved outlook, attitude and approach for taking care of the easiest or complex matters. I also seem energized and eager to:

1) use tools for problem solving challenges

2) explore opportunities that are likely to provide a greater return than managing clutter that is time consuming and anxiety laden with little prospects of being transformed into something useful

3) engage in practices to promote healthier living

4) expand/repair relationships

5) think strategically as opposed to emotionally to sensitive issues

6) grasp for learning

7) latch on to humor and

8) plan that next vacation!

If you haven't considered unplugging, please place this high on your agenda. Taking this action could contribute greatly to your next move on your pathway to success.

If you feel that you are in the same place upon returning from being unplugged, please do connect with Marilyn for some coaching or proven strategies to help out at or 804.782.1938.
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