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Using Pathfinders to Move Ahead
Volume II, Issue 39
I am reminded daily through experiences of interacting with others virtually or in person of many who are creating or have created a path for others to travel on their life's journey. In fact, it is somewhat frightening at times to imagine what could have happened if a few notable individuals in my life span or others before I was even thought of had not stepped out into uncharted territory to address barriers that interrupted or shut down opportunities or progress.

Creating a path was very likely a brutal experience for those leading the way when they did not have the advantage of using technology, techniques and tools that are now available to accelerate progress and goal attainment. Today, while using readily the aforementioned supports and constructs, there are qualities and principles that those trailblazers, inventors, humanitarians and history makers also leaned on that shaped their positive outcomes. I have classified these qualities as Pathfinders and for this communication there are ten that merit consideration. These showcase qualities include being consistently persistent, knowledgeable, selfless, pragmatic and positive as well as being a visionary, risk taker, strategist, effective communicator and innovator.

Let's think about it ! Where would we be if we didn't lean on pathfinders when we enter those important meetings to build a partnership or facilitate a discussion with disgruntled employees or customers, build an action plan to fill a budget gap, or fill an unexpected vacancy in a key leadership position. Sometimes the pathfinders become the best option to move forward and we use the tools, technology and techniques later to validate decisions.

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