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Lights Out
Volume II, Issue 2
Many in Virginia over the last few days were forced to demonstrate how they could "keep it going" in a "Lights Out" situation.  After three nights and four days without electricity (which some believe to be a minor distraction or inconvenience in contrast to others who have experienced longer periods), I am pleased to report that my back-up plan worked for the most part.  I was fortunate enough to have alternative sources of electrical power and could carry on daily living and transact business reasonably well.  Whether in our personal or business lives, it is critical that we prepare a back-up plan, revise it periodically and use it when warranted.

There are those who believe that there should only be a Plan A and all efforts and resources should be used to insure that all associated with that plan is achieved.  I applaud this thinking, but my experience and that of many others strongly suggest that having a Plan B provides for continuous progress or movement as opposed to interrupted, delayed or no progress or movement

In fact, there are times that the back-up plan is THE Plan.  For example, a succession plan is a back-up plan as it insures that there is a process that will provide that there is or will be a pool of qualified individuals to fill key positions in organizations in the event that executives and key staff are promoted, leave the company or are away.  This time away could result from unanticipated circumstances because of personal illness or that of a loved one.

There is other value for developing and placing the back-up plan in a hip pocket.  I have found that having a back-up plan relieves the anxiety associated of failing because Plan A doesn't work.  The back-up plan also can be a motivator to accomplish Plan A on the other hand.  It also helps to validate the strength of Plan A in my opinion.

Accordingly, my best thoughts are that successful navigation is possible in a "Lights Out" situation and that any down-time experienced is because you have determined that you want to be in this state..

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