Make an Investment in Words That Can Move You Ahead
Volume II, Issue 26
I have always admired those who use a word or a string of words to describe a situation or object, convey a thought, capture an action/reaction of another, communicate succinctly and more.  Perhaps, you are thinking hasn't Marilyn heard of a Thesaurus?  I have, but even with quick access to one on my smart phone, it is difficult to ask someone to hang on until I can ask Siri for help while fully engaged in dialogue. So what measures do I take?
I carry in-the-pocket words that I can lean on no matter what the circumstances are.  These words are just waiting for their turn to be used in conversations and documents in my house, at work, at meetings, on the tennis courts, in the car, in church, on the boat, with clients, friends, family, acquaintances and more. I also have a resource bank of cross-over words that are normally used in a business environment but find purpose outside of business as well. There too are  avoidance words that are kept under the lid, as they tend to be knowingly offensive when used. There are times, however, that a few of these words escape because they just fit those emotional meltdowns that most experience from traveling life's journey.  We all have a sense of what these are.
So what is in your word bank?  My in-the pocket word bank today includes some of the following. 

Tomorrow my word bank will adjust consistent with words obtained from those with whom I interact, new thoughts and of course words from daily learning and listening, particularly from individuals who are different than I am.  The word bank is similar to the stock market, it changes consistently with factors in the landscape impacting business.
Informing and sharpening our communication skills with words that engage, excite and empower others represent a goal that should be on the table of existing and emerging leaders. As such, I maintain my word cloud as shown above in space that is easily accessible. I look over it before, during and after episodes of anticipated conversations or document preparation.

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