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Rock Steady
Volume II, Issue 24
Last evening I experienced an amazing time with an extraordinary group of professional women and their friends at their annual holiday celebration.  The venue, appetizers, dinner and wine were divine.  The entertainment was a WOW with all grasping for more as we "got down" on the dance floor or remained in our seats.  It's kind of difficult to stand by when you hear the music of the likes of Adele, James Brown, the Temptations and Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin's smashing hit, Rock Steady, pushed me into overdrive "brainstorming" about today's M4.  All of us strive to Rock Steady no matter what our calling is now, has been or will be in the future.
Rock Steady is some of what leaders are made of and it is a key ingredient for maintaining stability and vibrancy.  Leaders make moves that make things happen.  They are out and about interacting and communicating with others who are like and unlike themselves. Leaders rock on a continuing basis their values, their competencies, their passion for accountability, their recognition that success is a journey, their capacity to problem solve and travel a number of miles to transform negatives into positives, bring light when there is doom and gloom to matters of importance and release bursts of innovative thinking.
I have always admired as well leaders who rock others by demonstrating that We Can as Opposed to We Can't, Behind Every Cloud There is Sunshine and Yesterday Can't Stump for Today because Today Is Our Moment to Make A Difference.  Finally, my very best advice is that you continue to "Rock Steady" on your talents, knowledge and experience and share this wealth as many as you can.
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