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Keep Your Leadership Hydrated
Volume II, Issue 10
The heat continues to be oppressive in the Richmond area. There is an abundance of warnings and alerts to stay hydrated that are being sent by local, state and national organizations and businesses. indicates that your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to work correctly...and is needed for good health (RE: Hydration: Why It's Important). The messaging about keeping your body hydrated reminded me of the critical importance of keeping our leadership hydrated as well.

There are numerous examples to demonstrate when our leadership reaches a dehydrated state; it is dysfunctional, misfires, is inconsistent, insensitive, absent results and more. Sometimes, our look and attitude suggest also that we are struggling with dehydration.

When this occurs, and when not corrected, there may be long term negative effects. As a means of preventing body dehydration, we stock up on water, juices, tea, coffee and fruits such as watermelon. Similarly, we must do the same with our leadership to sustain hydration.

Below are a few steps that I take to support my leadership hydration quotient:

1. Keep current with significant happenings in the landscape that shape my life--professional, business and personal

2. Stay focused on a vision that provides growth and development for me and others who are of importance

3. Maintain a welcoming and inclusive manner that is built on a platform of values

4. Touch base often with other leaders in my own backyard and elsewhere, inviting them to be part of my network

5. Sharpen regularly my communication skills and methods, as both are important in connecting and interacting with others and projecting a favorable image with targeted audiences

6. Embrace practices that help to insure a healthy lifestyle

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