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Trapped By Traditional Thinking and Practices
Volume II, Issue 21
In our space as leaders is an abundance of information that we lean on consistently.   It provides us with our marching orders to achieve tasks and fulfill our commitments and obligations.  In this mode, we know what we know, the outcomes are generally predictable and we applaud ourselves in the efficiency of the achievement.  Some may view this as being trapped by standardization.

Well, it is a new day and continued success at anything no longer ties to traditional thinking and practice.  For example requiring staff to report to an office to perform certain work when it has been proven that the work product completed in a home environment or other non-office environment is in the worst case on par and completed more quickly.  Moreover, this practice is particularly cost effective and preferred for certain segments of the population that are less mobile because of physical and behavioral conditions.

Other examples of change include the increasing frequency of a) learning by Internet-webinars, seminars, virtual classrooms-and b) meetings by teleconference.  A final example may be how we impact population segments such as the Millennials.Certainly the thinking that we use to appeal to seniors about an issue for example can't be used to appeal to millennials even when it is the same issue.
On the minds of most will be how the newly elected officials will place their signature on matters that impact the population at-large verses the constituency that supported their victories. We should count on many of these officials not being trapped by traditional thinking and practices.  They are very likely to generate  new and different thinking and practices to  "get the job done!"  As a means of placing this in perspective reflect on the invention of the automobile. 
(See Below)
"The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty, a fad."  as indicated by the President of Michigan Savings Bank in 1901. Cars had to become practical, to be simple to use, offer benefits over horses and be affordable, yet profitable. Those against the introduction of automobiles warned the public of the dangers of cars, including air pollution and noise, which created an air of uncertainty. This resistance forced cars to be used on a separate roadway to that of horses. Those in favor of the car responded, by expressing problems with horses such as the amount of food and water they required, and also the quantities of manure they deposited behind.

In the height of Summer, the smell and flies attracted were insufferable. Cars obviously didn't get hungry, tired or produce manure like their 4 legged competitors.

Henry Ford was an intelligent man who understood the process of commercializing inventions to turn a profit. He made it his mission to develop a car which could compete against horses in terms of affordability, competitiveness and profitability.
His vision was for the car to progress along an assembly line, with worked staged at specific locations with specific tasks. This concept allowed one vehicle to be manufactured in as little as 90 minutes - seven times faster than rival manufacturers. A quick drying paint was used to keep up the speed of production but was only available in one color - black.
Car components soon became universal, allowing parts to be interchangeable, therefore driving down costs of both manufacturing and repair work. Ford led automobiles to become affordable, profitable and competitive and the progression from horses to cars escalated - quickly becoming the number one transportation method in the world."1

Let's continue to explore better ways to achieve outcomes and results and as leaders that should continue to be one of our top priorities.

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