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Rushing for the Gold
Volume II, Issue 11
The 2016 Olympics have ended with the United States distinguishing itself with its stash of gold medals and athletes, who tumbled, shot the lights out, swam, ran, fenced etc. to reach stardom. They all rocked in their areas of expertise, engaging and thrilling their audiences. There may have been a few glitches and disappointments BUT the Olympics clearly represents a compelling case study that demonstrates when you work hard and smart and flaunt teamwork as well that there is a great return.

It reminds me that none of us is born a champion but we are born with the capacity to become a champion. And so it is for ordinary people who become extraordinary in some way or many ways. My own experiences suggest that I have rushed and continue to rush for gold in every aspect of my life and livelihood, even though I sometimes finish up at a bronze level.

It is when I finish below bronze that I lean significantly on my knowledge, experiences, role models and long shot wins in order to move up and surpass the competition.

Below are those "motivators" that I recommend that you consider in Rushing for the Gold:

1. Stock your trunk with models of learning, lessons learned, leadership, love and levity

2. Overcome self-created barriers that impede success

3. Use vision as a driver to navigate the field of dreams

4. Discover and use talents and experiences to problem solve and move to the next level

5. Surround yourself with thought partners to sustain positive, fresh and responsive thinking and actions

6. Weigh in on innovation, technology and experience to help those in your queue to succeed

7. Limit exposure to hazardous conditions and situations in your internal and external environments that have known ill-effects to a vibrant and productive life

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