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Wearing a Coat with a Zip Out Lining
Volume II, Issue 5
Managing the expected and unexpected represents the "playground " of leaders. Individuals who reach this distinguished class are required to respond rapidly and strategically to matters brought on to a large degree from people who are diverse in their backgrounds, experiences and capabilities. I have found comfort in wearing a "Coat with a Zip Out Lining" to help adjust to the variation in matters that are placed before me.

When I am not sure that I can address adequately a matter, I use the lining as additional protection from the clutter that can disrupt my focus. When feeling at the top of my game in extending guidance, assistance or words of wisdom, I remove the lining. While leaders use different gear to sustain their role, it should equip them at a minimum with capability to obtain and apply knowledge, transform vision into action, communicate effectively, demonstrate compassion and commitment, inspire and innovate.

The gold standard of leadership can be a moving target; once you reach one standard, there is another that you want to achieve. Below, in no particular order of preference, are a few steps that I have taken to stay inspired on my leadership journey in addition to wearing a "Coat with a Zip out Lining":

1. View the whole issue as opposed to its parts (but look for relationships between the parts)

2. Strive to get out in front of challenges and opportunities before either require a crisis response

3. Create pathways to connect and build relationships with other leaders

4. Embrace the significant asset of technology; it provides for communicating rapidly your perspective and opinion on matters of importance

5. Avoid arrogance under all circumstances; the individuals you pass when you climb the ladder to success are the very same people that may be able to help you break a fall or tumble from this state

6. Take time periodically to stay in touch with yourself as becoming a stranger could result into some unnecessary missteps

7. Keep your value principles in your front pocket along with practices that promote healthy living, happiness and humor

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