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You Said What???
Volume II, Issue 16
This is the time of the year where the importance of messaging is underscored. It is what we say in the moment, but also what we have expressed in moments pass. It is what we express verbally, but also what we write and the body language we use.

I learned early on that there was little tolerance for missteps in responding to or conversing with parents, a sibling, other family members, teachers, neighbors and others. There were no safe harbors for messaging then and there are none now.

Staying in the right lane in messaging is a key factor for all and especially those who are in leadership positions or aspiring to be in this class. Below are a few steps that I have taken to help keep moving in the most positive direction possible.

1. Stay focused when messaging (and do stick to a script if you are not comfortable when making a presentation on certain topics)

2. Do take the time to listen to what others are indicating before responding; being spontaneous is not necessarily the call of the day

3. Free yourself from conversations that are going south or avoid interacting with individuals who are known to have negative expressions

4. Brief yourself on interactions anticipated for the day and brainstorm how you may respond

5. Sustain professionalism, tact and diplomacy in responding; if you can't sometimes simply indicating that you have no comment or no comment at this time is the best course of action

6. Keep messages simple; less is better and it is not necessary to add bells and whistles

7. Avoid responding to any matter or to others when angry

8. Bury words and statements that are offensive and degrading of others; (I find that these expressions are more about the person who places them on the table as opposed to the person or persons to whom the statements are directed)

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