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Appearance Check
Volume II, Issue 22
Thanksgiving is here and the November-December holidays are about to burst into full bloom. This is also the time of the year where I lean on elastic and stretch fabrics to the extent that I can to make sure that I have adequate space in my clothes to breathe steadily. Early resolutions about eating responsibility and exercising more are significant challenges to keep. Bottom Line -I believe, however, all of us strive to construct a physical image that has appeal to ourselves and others.

Don't forget your body language when checking in with your appearance as it can disrupt a positive impression that one has of you. More important to me and I am hoping most others as well is our appearance on the inside. It is a governor of the quality of our relationships with others and can trump our physical appearance.

In fact, there are those days when I may not look all that great outwardly, but my inside look remains steadfast in my opinion. This look reflects the values  that we stand on, our willingness to share what we know to help others, positive thinking, self-confidence and ability to laugh (in time) at our mistakes and more.

As individuals that lead organizations, our businesses, our homes, our children,
self-assessing or seeking the opinions of others about our appearance makes good sense.
Below are a few steps that you may wish to take on this journey!!

1. Look in the mirror more often ; Take a selfie - Both can be instructive
2. Trim those calories and unnecessary words - Try sticking to the script more often
3. Try your hand at coaching others to improve their appearance  - It is a great vehicle to help identify gaps in our own appearance
4. Embrace your image as an asset - its value increases with the payments that you make on it
5. Accept that your image may be a mismatch with those with whom you would like to interact --  there are times that you must walk away or rethink how you can connect

Looking for more steps and strategies to support your appearance check, connect with Marilyn at (Popular venues include brown bag lunches, face2face meetings or by telephone.)

Happy Thanksgiving !!
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