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Epic Achievement
Volume II, Issue 32
On February 1, 2017, M. H. West & Co., Inc. will pass over the finish line, celebrating its 26th year in business. There are many to thank for this milestone in the business life of the company-staff, clients, advisors, friends and family. I am grateful as well for the lessons learned from mistakes and successes in moving the business along.

I also now understand that peaks and valleys of my journey parallel the peaks and valleys of life. So would I categorize being in business for more than a quarter of a century an epic achievement? My response is unequivocally NO. I don't believe that the degree of achievement of WEST has reached a stage of beyond the usual or extraordinary.

Moreover, I am not certain that it is the anniversary year itself that is the most important criterion to assess achievement or it is what occurs within the year that should be measured. I have experienced some years that have not been as successful as others but there are some significant happenings that are clearly monumental within a year that help in moving the company closer to that epic achievement class.

Below are the 10 steps that I have taken that have helped to keep the business alive and reasonably vibrant over the years:

1. Learn and accomplish as much as possible daily, but work less and smarter

2. Build new and reinforce existing relationships

3. Say thank you frequently to your internal and external publics

4. Surround yourself with individuals who complement your skills, experiences, style and make-up

5. Build a culture of caring, commitment, communication (effective) and competency as a platform to stand on

6. Stop whining about what you can't change and take action on matters that you can

7. Carry strategies and solutions in your toolbox at all times

8. Distinguish yourself by what you do for others in your business, professional and personal life

9. Don't be too proud to ask for assistance from others and use humor to help relieve the pain of mistakes or embarrassment that may happen from not being prepared or factors not expected

10. Practice being healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Please feel free to call upon me to help you and your staff in accumulating more positives and home runs on your way to epic achievement at 804.782.1938 or
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