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Do You Wear a Mask To Hide the Real You??
Volume II, Issue 19
Today is Halloween and it reminds me about the importance of conveying an image that captures the real you. Transparency means everything when you are a leader or striving to become one.

In fact, I believe your value as a leader exponentially increases when you display the real you even when you find it necessary to flash your "good, bad and ugly" side. So what steps can be taken for mask avoidance?Below is what I have found useful:

1. Dress yourself daily in honesty, accountability and open communication

2. Maintain consistency in all that you do and trash double standards

3. Don't oversell your capacity or sell others short

4. Walk the walk and talk the talk

5. Don't hide, dismiss or blame others for your mistakes or errors...Own it, address it, apologize, and place it in the lessons learned column

6. Demonstrate inclusiveness

7. Build Steven Covey's 13 trusted behaviors into your goals, a few of which are shown below:
  • Talk Straight
  • Demonstrate Respect
  • Show Loyalty
  • Confront Reality
  • Listen First
  • Deliver Results

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