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Standing Out as the Top Dog
Volume II, Issue 3
Today's M4 results from the behavior of three dogs residing at my home...two are owned by my husband and me and the other owned by our son. All three are large dogs and very competitive. For example, there is the rush for the morning treat, where the smallest of the three dogs just simply bumps the other two out the way.

There too is the race for the front seat of the car when we take them for the evening this case, the largest dog consistently wins, by stretching across the seat with head in the driver's lap. Once claiming victory, she simply rides proudly looking out the window and if pulled down, sticking her head out the window for air. The third example is how they protect their bowls of food. The medium-sized dog places her paws in the bowl and growls until the other two get the message that they should stand down until she is finished.

Leaders are very competitive as well although I don't believe any of us adopt the practices of the aforementioned dogs. Leaders whom I know or would like to know distinguish themselves through qualities such as the following:

1. Creates a culture of caring for internal and external customers of the business

2. Demonstrates business acumen... frames actions around vision and goals, thinks strategically, stands on a values platform, keeps abreast with forces in the company's landscape and more

3. Works diligently at building and sustaining relationships on a professional, business and personal basis

4. Embraces principles of accountability and effective communication

5. Relies upon innovation, technology and team thinking to elevate attraction and appeal of core business, create new markets and to compete

6. Adopts a healthy lifestyle, balancing work, community engagement, minimizing stress and practicing consistently ENR (Exercise, Good Nutrition and Adequate Rest)

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