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A Blooming Proposition
Volume II, Issue 10
From time to time I visualize the leadership of others as singularly brilliant. These are individuals who are bursting with capability and distinguish themselves through the constancy of applying their qualities to challenges and opportunities. They become a focal point in any landscape as they stand out from their robust and meaningful messages with carefully arranged words. Survival is not an issue as there is no season that they aren't prepared. They surround themselves with others that complement their capability and they are not fenced in by status quo. They understand that continued growth requires grooming from time to time in order to maintain relevancy and vibrancy as well.

Below are a few other suggestions that I often share as a thought partner to freshen up the leadership of others:

1. Maintain focus, no matter how severe the storm may be or appear to be

2. Understand and use creative destruction as a tool to re-frame a situation

3. Measure progress in real time against quantifiable goals

4. Create environments that stimulate learning, leadership and growth for yourself and others

5. Embrace accountability and stand up for your decisions

6. Keep tomorrow on the front burner and turn up the heat on new ideas

7. Strive to be compassionate, inspirational and imaginative

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