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Twirling Your Leadership Baton
Volume II, Issue 6
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take a look at some high school pictures of the band playing at a football game.  Striking were the uniforms and uniformity of the drum major and majorettes as they twirled their batons.  I always wanted to become a high school majorette, but at that time did not have all of the assets and qualities apparently required to be selected.

A little disappointed I was able later to place all in perspective with some support from my cheerleader supporting parents.  They helped me to understand that it was not always all about how you looked physically but rather your capacity to step out on behalf of others to bring out their best to achieve a goal, outcome or result.   In their minds and mine too, I was indeed a majorette.  I twirled a baton in serving as an officer in student government and  the national honor society, leading the senior class and tutoring others in math!

I also realized later that a conductor of an orchestra or symphony is a majorette too and that the baton is a key tool to keep all of the symphony members playing together on the same sheet of music and in the right place.  While other uses of a baton are well documented, I am not suggesting that you dash from your office (or home) to equip yourself with a baton to twirl if you don't already have one, because the invisible baton that you now use apparently works in any majorette role that you are playing.  Below are some of the outcomes that I believe result from leaders who twirl their batons:

1. Alignment of actions against a strategic plan, vision or goal

2. Meaningful partnerships that can be leveraged to grow the organization, workers, markets and yourself

3. Effective Communication within and outside the walls of the organization

4. Bench strength and diversity in key leadership positions

5. Innovation in the organization's business case through use of talent and current technology

6. Creative destruction is at work where concepts, cultures and practices are replaced when proven ineffective

7. Humor and healthy living are called upon to offset stress that may result from twirling the baton without stop and perhaps using one that is not scaled to your leadership level

Learning more about twirling your leadership baton could have a big payoff for you, your organization and team.  Connect with Marilyn West today - Please also connect with Marilyn by scheduling a "Brown Bag Lunch!"

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