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Click It
Volume II, Issue 17
Over the past month I reflected on how many times I just Click It to complete a task. I Click It to use the computer, the computer mouse, mouse, the TV, the radio, my watch, the lights, the coffee maker, the air conditioner, the car, pointer for PPTs, the smart phone and more. You can Click It nearby the targeted object that requires turning on or off or you can be at some distant or remote location from the object. Technology is an enabler and can provide additional time during the day to accomplish more.

At the same time, I recalled the frequency of clicking it to complete the operation of inanimate objects, I couldn't help in thinking of how many times I Click It to remove or inject myself in matters that I believe are impacting my life or impacting the lives of others. Developing and then leveraging capacity to Click It mentally to reach higher or new ground has brought me great comfort and constancy in my life's journey. Alternatively, refusing to Click It could have left me stuck in the same place.

How many individuals do you know who just aren't clicking it and are comfortable with status quo? I know of too many. Clicking It, requires self-confidence, energy, visioning of what could be, taking a risk, standing on your values, persistence, understanding consequences, building a network of thought partners and maintaining a positive attitude to keep clicking to reach where you believe you want to be. I am never really satisfied with where I am on the achievement grid, so I just keep Clicking It.

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