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Flash Back
Volume II, Issue 11
On occasion we experience flashbacks. When this occurs, we often want to wallow in or flee quickly from the time period. Often a flashback occurs without warning but sometimes we deliberately travel to a time past. I am borrowing from the flashback concept for this week's M4. Accordingly, I have researched back issues of M4 and specifically focused on those issues with the highest readership.  There are three since the Inaugural Issue in June 2015. They are A Blooming Proposition (August 29th), Tuning Up Your Leadership (July 25th) and Making a List and Checking It Twice (May 23rd).  Last week's issue broke a record.

Below are links to #s 2 & 3.  Look for a brand new issue next week. I usually create the publication on the weekend before the Monday release. So if you have a topic that you want to address, please let me know before the weekend.  Thank you again for your support. It helps me to stay on track with my M4 journey.

Tuning Up Your Leadership

Making a List and Checking It Twice

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