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Pack Your Bags and Leave Town?
Volume II, Issue 14
I moved to Richmond, VA. about 40 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA. It was a different place and it remains a different place. Then, I was adjusting to being a new bride, building a relationship with my husband and impressing a new employer. Now, I am adjusting to the celebrity that Richmond has become and enjoying some achievements in my personal and business lives.

In the early days of my arrival in Richmond when there were disagreements with my husband, I used to say, "I am going to pack my bags and return home to Pittsburgh." I would go to the drawers and closet and throw a couple of things in the suitcase for me to use in making my way out of town. However, I would remove them shortly after because it did not seem to be what I should do. I tried this one too many times as the last time that I said I am going to pack my bags and leave, my husband slid my suitcase down the hall. It whizzed by me on those beautiful hard wood floors that we had at that time, leaving me in shock that my husband would take me up on what I had threatened to do. His action changed totally my behavior and thinking...I never mentioned again that I was going to pack my bags and leave town.

Returning to Pittsburgh this past Friday triggered memories about the pack my bag scenario. In doing so, I connected to the many times that those of us who are in lead positions or aspiring to be in lead positions in our business, civic, public, political and personal lives are just about to throw in the towel...pack those bags and leave town. There is always some factor, circumstance or quality, however, that changes our minds.

Several qualities that keep me from giving up even when I want to are self-confidence and persistence. They serve as roadblocks from veering off track and actually become motivators instead. Some of the other qualities that I am certain that you recognize and that help to sharpen our thinking and choices that we make include: our values, past experiences, positive attitude, creativity, passion, commitment, focus, optimism, sense of humor, a network of coaches and balance of stress through doses of exercise, diet and sleep. Another quality that we must hang on to is learning something new every day!!

So, if you are thinking about giving up and throwing in the towel, because you have experienced a rough day or two or even a year or two, DON'T DO IT, if you are in control of the situation! Don't introduce a negative when it is not necessary to do so. Instead, recall this message and "Keep Movin!" There is light at the end of every tunnel and if you feel that you must pack your suitcase and leave town, wait until you see the light!!

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