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Turn to Your Leadership Channel for Strength
Volume II, Issue 18
Leadership is a journey and there is no finish line. The path for my leadership journey has been characteristically far from straight with long stretches of twists and turns, detours, narrow lanes, crowded traffic from leaders who have lost their way and more.

I am assuming that you, as I am, are frustrated from time to time by the journey and so much so that you contemplate a hard stop. But, we don't. Instead, I turn to my leadership channel and lean on approaches such as the following to out maneuver or reconstruct the blueprint or guidance document for the journey:

1. Assess my vision for leadership; does it continue to make sense?

2. Stop thinking about what I can't do and start thinking about what I can do? 

3. Adjust the pace; speed counts but what is the aftermath. Do I have burn out and ignored symptoms?

4. Measure the amount of daily, weekly, monthly progress I want to accomplish on the journey. I keep a journal. 

5. Take stock of the resources needed to sustain my journey;  do they align with known factors about the journey? are they distributed appropriately in the various anticipated components of the journey; are there reserves in sufficient amounts to respond to unknown forces in the journey's landscape? 

6. Test my leadership capability by taking on one or two mentees; By helping others to lead, I often  discover my weaknesses and reinforce strengths. 

7. Celebrate the power exercised to overcome barriers that thwart a forward direction of my leadership.

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