Retirement News
Mark and I want to let you know we are retiring. We sold our building on Main Street and we will be off to begin a new chapter at the end of the summer.
We are honored to have had the last 31 years to frame your stories and fill your surroundings with art. During these years, so many have had the opportunity to watch our family grow and evolve as well. Many have known our youngest daughter since she was a baby, and so many others have seen our two older daughters become beautiful adults with children of their own…our grandchildren. As we reflect we are amazed by what this community has given to us. A rich and meaningful life with a lifetime of memories to take with us. You will never know how appreciative we are and how blessed we feel.
Although we have sold the building we have not yet sold the business. This is our first order of business. We would like to find a buyer who will love this community as much as we do. Someone who loves to be creative with both their mind and their hands. Someone who will carry on the tradition of innovative framing, quality design, and workmanship, and showcasing fine art. Most importantly though, we would like the buyer to be someone who enjoys meeting new people and forming long-lasting relationships with their clients. This business takes hard work, creativity, and wide open arms full of heart. With these characteristics, the reward will be tremendous not only professionally, but personally as well. We are offering this at a very favorable price with terms if needed. If you or anyone you know are looking for an opportunity like this, please have them stop by ArtVentures or call us at 810.229.3100.
If we are unable to find a buyer within 30 days we will begin liquidating our fine art inventory, fixtures, and equipment. We will let you know when this process will start so you may take advantage of the great deals.
We have a feeling once the word gets out we will be busy framing projects everyone has been putting off. You may want to bring in the last piece or two for framing pretty quickly so we can make sure it is completed.

We are also planning to have a big farewell party so please stay tuned.
Lastly, we are honestly semi-retiring. If you would like to know what the next chapter of our lives looks like please stop by and we will be happy to share it with you.