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Market Alert 



A heat wave is in the late-week forecast for California and Desert Southwest growing areas. Highs will be in the 80s in the Central California coastal and inland districts, 90s in Southern California coastal and desert regions, and mid-100s in Northern Mainland Mexico. South Georgia will see generally clear skies and seasonally normal temperatures, with highs around 80. The highlands of Michoacan, located in the avocado growing region of Southern Mexico, will see highs in the 70s with daily thundershowers, these conditions will continue through next week.

Avocados: Trinity Fresh continues to be out of avocados this week.  Supply pipeline in a critical state of turmoil due to violent issues
in Mexico. There has been basically no harvest in over 2 weeks due to ongoing grower disputes.  Availability is slim to none, as there could be virtually no product in the US next week, even as soon  as this weekend. Earlier this week they began blocking packing houses and not allowing personnel to  get safely to work. They also threatened packing houses that kept working and were confiscating all  vehicles related to harvests and shipments. This has been an ongoing problem and is finally actually
hitting mainstream news. We will continue to keep you in the know as updates become available.

Bananas: An unseasonably strong demand has developed for growers in Central America, as supply has been disrupted from the Philippines.

Blueberries: Blueberry supplies are a little better than they have been the last several weeks. Transfers from Chile and Central Mexico have begun to arrive earlier than expected. Although quantities continue to be low, a light uptrend in supplies is expected in the coming weeks as Chile and Central Mexico become our predominant supply source. Order fill will improve in the coming weeks and that is our overall objective. Chilean blueberry quality is good to very good. Central Mexico blueberry quality is very good.

Blackberries: Blackberry supplies are good. Quality is good to very good.

Raspberries: Raspberry supplies are good. There is light rain forecasting for next week and we will send another update if this materializes. There has been a slight increase in volume from all areas as plant performance improves and production gets back on schedule. Quality continues to be good to very good.

Strawberries: Strawberry production has been up and down. We are seeing production increase out of Santa Maria and begin out of Oxnard, but volume from these two growing regions will not compensate for the loss of volume from the northern regions. The rain has affected quality and may have an impact in the next weeks on production. Prices will be on the rise.

Grapefruit: Florida has very limited volume. Expect very light supply, with very high prices. Texas has started, so we should see this market improve weekly.

Lemons: Market is still very steady. Quality is improving and should keep getting better as we head into November. We expect this market to improve week to week going forward.

Limes: Quality is good, prices are higher. The 110 & 150ct availability remains tighter than other sizes. Color and quality are very good at this time.

Oranges: Valencias are very tight, especially the 138ct. Navels have started very slowly.

Pineapple: Demand is good and prices are stable. Market is slowly getting better

Green and Red Leaf: Supplies on green leaf are normal. We are seeing the occasional fringe burn. Demand is normal for red leaf with good quality. 
Iceberg Lettuce: Supplies are normal, with rain and heat predicted for the weekend. Quality could be an issue next week, we will keep you posted. For now, overall quality is good.

Romaine: Supplies are great and demand is good. There have been some reports of insects and some fringe burn due to the heat, we are seeing some reports that product is breaking down faster than normal due to the heat.

Romaine Hearts: Supplies are plentiful!! Demand has slowed with quality remaining good.

Green and Red Bell Peppers: New crop green bell peppers are in plentiful supply in the Coachella Valley of California, along with good supplies in the Central & Southern California coastal valley districts. Prices continue to strengthen for red bell peppers, with supplies tightening in Central California. Production in Coachella will not be in full swing until mid-November. Green bells are in good supply from Georgia.

Cucumbers: Plentiful supplies in the west, from Baja California and Northern Mainland Mexico. Prices are firm for cucumbers from South Georgia.

English Cucumber: Continued tight availability from growers in Eastern Canada. Steady availability from Central California coastal districts; Nogales shippers will not have consistent supply until early November.

Green Beans: Supplies have tightened and prices are moving higher in the east as growers in North Carolina suffer the effects of Hurricane Matthew. In addition, a white fly infestation has caused significant crop loss in Georgia, with no relief expected until December when the Florida harvest will be in full swing. Coachella is the primary district in California, with moderate availability. Prices are firm at extreme levels in the east and west.

Zucchini & Yellow Squash: Plentiful supplies, with multiple growing areas in the East and West. South Georgia is the primary district in the east, and Northern Mainland Mexico in the west.
Herbs: We have very good supplies of MINT, ITALIAN PARSLEY, CHIVES, ROSEMARY, and THYME. All other fresh herbs remain steady.

Cilantro: Supplies are average and quality is fair, we are seeing yellowing and decay.

Mangos: Supply and quality are good, prices are rising slightly.

CantaloupeCalifornia cantaloupe production is winding down quickly and Arizona is starting off very slowly, especially on the larger-sized fruit. Early fields in Arizona have been producing mostly smaller sizes; while new fields, that do have some sizing, do not yet have high enough brix levels to begin pulling that fruit out. We are hopeful within the next seven days some stability will begin to set in, anticipate larger fruit fetching a premium in the meantime.

Honeydew: Production in Arizona is similar to the cantaloupe situation. Mostly 6/8s so far with 5ct being on the shorter side. Fruit will be coming on soon once Mother Nature cooperates.

Watermelons: Quality is good to average. We are seeing this market tighten up, as the rain in SC has slowed harvests. We will be transitioning to Mexico soon.

Artichokes: We expect good supplies of artichokes this week; supplies industry-wide have increased. Better volume is expected in the upcoming weeks. Demand is off a bit, but that is typical for the summer. Prices are steady to lower on some sizes.
Arugula: Supplies of both baby and wild arugula are good. Quality is fair and improving.

Asparagus: The market is stable and quality is good.

Bok Choy: Availability is good.

Broccoli: Supplies are good this week. Prices are steady. Good green color and texture.

Brussel Sprouts: The market is good. Supplies are getting good this week. Quality is good, although there is occasional insect damage and discoloration.

Carrots: Great quality and good supply!

Cauliflower: Supplies are down. Locally grown deals are done. Quality is good, with good weight and white to creamy color.

Celery: Supplies are plentiful, with many growers in Salinas now. Quality is good and prices are low. Some light insect damage and light dirt in bottom of stalks.

Corn: Midwest Sweet is still available but the prices have gone up and stabilized. Quality is still good but production will be finishing up over the next few weeks. New Crop Georgia Sweet Corn will be starting next week, with Florida to follow soon after. Colorado Corn is still available, finishing up in October.

Fennel: Supplies for the week will be good.

Garlic: The garlic market continues to be volatile. Demand exceeds supply. The CA harvest finished last month, and crops were down 15-30% from where we had hoped it would be. We are uncertain where the supply on garlic from China will be, we are hearing that it will get even tighter, but we are uncertain. Quality remains good and we will keep you posted as we hear what China will be doing.

Ginger: Chinese ginger is in good supply and being offered at a substantial discount, compared to ginger from Brazil.

Green Cabbage: Average supplies. We should be steady this week. Prices are climbing a bit; quality is good with some reports of insects.

Green Onions: The market is improving. We are still seeing a very high percentage of smalls being packed. Prices are moderate and supplies are getting better.
Kale (Green): Demand is steady and quality is average, we are seeing mildew in this product.

Mache: Adequate availability.

Napa: Supplies are good. Demand is strong with lower prices. Quality is good, with increased reports of internal defects, primarily with seeders. Prices are high.
Parsley (Curly, Italian): Prices are normal and quality is excellent.

Radishes: Quality is good! Plentiful supply.
Red Cabbage: Quality and sizing have been great, with good color. Overall, the market is strong.

Snow and Sugar Snap Peas: Snow and sugar snap peas currently have high demand with good quality.

Spinach (Bunched): Supply is good and demand is strong. Quality has improved. We are still seeing some sun scalding and tip burn, but this has improved. There have been some reports of insects, but this is getting better.

Spinach (Baby): Baby Spinach and Clipped Spinach supplies are light. Quality is fair to good with good prices. There are some reports of insects.

Spring Mix: Lots of product and quality is good.

Onions: The onion market has had a sluggish feel, as supplies have outpaced demand. The size profiles are getting larger and there has been a surplus on colossal and super colossal yellows. Growers have finished harvest for the season, and onions will be exclusively coming out of storage, more growers will begin shipping rail cars at this point. Quality remains strong on all colors and sizes.

Tomatoes: Will continue to see increased demand and higher FOBs in the west as inventories in the east wind down.
Rounds - Vine-ripe production is unchanged from Baja and Central Mexico. California mature green growers will continue to see some ongoing issues with quality and color week to week, due to weather-related impacts, as well as overall volume decreasing as the summer crop winds down. FOB prices have ticked upwards due to the increased demand for the east.

Romas: Supplies are improving out of Southern Baja and Central Mexico. Still seeing some weather-related quality issues post-harvest but we expect that to improve over the next several weeks. California Roma production will continue to decline as the season end approaches. No ongoing quality or color issues, FOB pricing will be slightly lower this week.

Grapes: Supplies are slow to improve, resulting from weather-related quality issues. FOB prices are still very active this week.
Cherries - FOB prices will remain high, quality is good.

Apples & Pears: Apples and pears are in season! Quality is good and availability is good. Apples are running on the small side. Prices are up from last year due to the sizing of the fruit.