Our apologies but with the impending storm Nemo on the way, we are going to cancel the Market this Saturday. We hate to do this and it will be the first (and hopefully only) market we have had to cancel.  The week off gives us plenty of time to come back next week with an even better market so get ready. 


Our carrot recipe contest will be held on FEB 23. In last week's email I announced that it would be held on the 16th but we are moving it to the 23rd to allow everyone time to get their carrots in a row. (Ha) If you are interested in submitting your prepared dish on the 23rd, please let me know by Feb 20. There are limited spaces and they are filling up quickly. 


Many of you might have noticed the table book titled CAFO at the market last week. This book was kindly loaned to me and since then, I have been carrying it everywhere I go showing it to as many people as possible. The ill treatment of animals is quite possibly the main reason I have chosen to be so involved in our food system (and I love to eat good food). More than ever, our choices make a difference to our health, community and environment. Hands down, these CAFOs are devastating watersheds, communities and most importantly the lives of the animals that we are consuming. 


We are lucky that we have choice to make: we can source our meat locally from folks like Oxhollow Farm, Beaver Brook Farm and Craft to ensure we are eating animals who have been treated humanely. This choice helps support farmers who believe in keeping their land and animals healthy for generations to come. This choice provides you with a healthy option not filled with unneeded antibiotics, hormone shots and the stress of a slaughterhouse - all things we consume when we choose meat that is not from a reputable source. 


This is a much bigger topic than this newsletter can house today but in the coming weeks, we will explore some Myths and Truths about CAFOs and the industrial food system so we can all learn more together. I don't think I have ever done this in a newsletter and it might be wrong to do so but it is that important that it is going to happen now. Please for the sake of animals that are currently in a horrid situation, the health of your community, local farmer, you and your family - only buy meat from sources you can trust.  The next meat we choose to eat - let's think about the animal that we are consuming, give thanks to them and appreciate the fact that we food readily available. Maybe if we all start thinking while we are consuming, less consuming will happen - one can only hope. 



Industrial Food is Healthy



Industrial animal food production heightens the risk of the spread of food-borne illnesses that afflict millions of Americans each year. Rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity - often related to excessive meat and dairy consumption - are at an all-time high. Respiratory diseases and outbreaks of illnesses are increasingly common among CAFO and slaughterhouse workers and spill over into neighboring communities and the public at large. 


This week's line up: (see you next week)

  • Fort Hill Farm   
  • Local Catch
  • Two Guys From Woodbridge
  • Riverbank Farm
  • Beaver Brook Farm
  • Skinny Pines Pizza
  • Boxcar Cantina
  • Beltane Farm
  • Arogya Teas
  • Kaia Cafe
  • Oxhollow Farm
  • Nothin' But Granola
  • Huckleberry Artisan Bakery
  • Du Soleil 
  • Raus Coffee
  • Sticky Nuts
  • Sono Baking Co
  • With Love From The Cupboard
  • Doc's Organic Maple Syrup
  • Molly & Murphy Dog Treats
See you on Saturday! 

Live Local

Lori Cochran-Dougall

Market Director 


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