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Most international markets have seen positive growth over the last two weeks. Canada, however, has stayed relatively level due to recent falling energy prices. 

Interestingly, during this period, the price of energy has outperformed the energy companies themselves. One possible reason for this occurrence is that investors believe the recent surge in oil prices to be short-lived and not enough to dramatically affect long-term profits. I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

On the positive side, of the international markets that have increased, emerging markets have enjoyed the strongest moves by far.


"Every established order tends to make its own entirely arbitrary system seem entirely natural."
-----  Pierre Bourdieu


Last week, small business owners in Ontario received some good news: The provincial government proposed to reduce the tax rate from 4.5% to 3.5% as of January 1. Along with the planned federal reduction of 0.5% (should this go through), a small business in Ontario will see its combined (federal and provincial) tax rate fall from 15% in 2017 to 13.5% in 2018.
Although this is good news for business owners, given the upcoming Ontario election, this may not be a long-term change. 


After a phenomenal honeymoon sailing around South America and visiting five countries, I'm happy to report my return, safe and sound. 

As much fun as we had, it's good to get back to reality, my old routine, and, of course, back in touch with friends, family, and clients. It really is true what they say----  good relationships make your life better in so many ways!

Words of Radiance   by Brandon Sanderson:
As much as I loved the first book of the Stormlight Archive series,  The Way of Kings , I enjoyed the second book much more. If you like fantasy, I'd highly recommend this series. My only cautionary note is that I consistently found myself reading into the wee hours of the night-----  and at 1,110 pages, you can imagine how many nights this came to.
A thought-provoking take on work-life balance.
Articles like this Farnam Street gem remind me how much thought and research needs to go into forming an opinion-----  and how I haven't always adhered to this method in the past.
An interesting conversation with Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the most successful hedge fund in history. I've been a fan of Dalio for a number of years because of his open-mindedness, search for truth, and promotion of an idea meritocracy. This wide-ranging conversation covers books, his reading process, mental illness, meditation, the importance of pain, and a lot more!
Perhaps most interesting is how only one of the companies stayed in the Top 10 over the three periods of time, as well as the fairly dramatic change in industries.

For all my American clients, friends, and colleagues, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! And if you're one of the brave individuals who venture out on Black Friday, the New York Times has provided a brief history on what gave the day its name.


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