GREETINGS                                                 April 5, 2018
Consider the tangle of emotions affecting Jesus' disciples after his crucifixion and burial: grief, sadness, disappointment, lethargy, ennui, depression, doubt, anxiety, fear.   The two disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke's gospel (chapter 24) give voice to it as they are met by a stranger: "We had but hoped that he was the One ...."   Even when some women report the amazing good news to the others, "they did not believe them", is the report we find in more than one of the gospel records. And yet ... in their encounters with the Risen Jesus, all that changes. Souls become listless, troubled, and deadened are reawakened. Dispirited disciples become emboldened, uplifted ambassadors of resurrection hope, promise, and possibility that offers transforming powers beyond our wildest human imaginings. Souls sunk in some deep, dark basement of despair and inertia are elevated up to higher heights of action and witness. Setting the mystery, wonder, miracle of the "life after death" impact of resurrection aside; resurrection is also about rebirth, spiritual renewal, restoration, and newness of life now. For those first disciples that happened in the encounter with Jesus, crucified and risen. Through such encounters their iron-deficiency anemia of faith and hope was overcome, replaced by fresh energy, vision, and sense of purpose.
Sometimes our souls sag too, our spirits grow listless, or just ... tired.   What might we do to bring them back to life? Here are some nudges that might help: 
i) jot down some notes, ideas, or draw some pictures of what being spiritually awake would look like, feel like for you;    
ii) just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what about setting aside ten or fifteen minutes early in your day for a "breakfast for the soul" time - count your blessings, read some devotional literature and ponder, offer prayers, wait upon God; 
iii) think about people who have inspired you, whom you believe have rich souls. Make a list of qualities you notice in them and consider which ones you would like to cultivate; 
iv) go to bed early, if it isn't already your habit and get up in time to watch a sunrise. Then, brew a good cup of tea or coffee or cocoa to savour slowly, enjoy some quiet time for your soul as you watch the world change colour, catch to movements of the wind outdoors, or the stirrings of birds, or the shape and colour of flowers, listen to the sounds of everyone around you waking - the wild creatures outside and the little critters still upstairs or down the hall or making footfalls next door.
Just as Mary Magdalene recognized the Risen Jesus when he called her by name; or Thomas dropped to his knees in deep new belief when he got to see Jesus; or those two travelers on the Emmaus road woke up and "knew him in the breaking of bread", open your soul to enlivening, fresh encounters with Christ.
In our thoughts and prayers are Judy VanDuzer and Patricia Bradshaw's grandson, Daniel. 



Time Out With Jesus
"Time Out with Jesus" will take place on Tuesdays at noon in the "Gathering Place" until the warmer weather actually returns.  Bring along a lunch and feel free to join Rev. Disher for a time of meditation and prayerful contemplation. 
Living Rock
On April 8th bring groceries for the Living Rock Ministries in Hamilton.

Email address changed
Please take note.  The old email address of has been replaced by    
New Candles
The sanctuary has new candles that need special care. 
1.  Light with match or lighter
2.  Blow out DO NOT use candle snuffer with wax on it
3.  Do not touch wick.

Recycling Campaign
We will again be collecting electronics etc. as a fundraiser on Saturday, May 26th.  This year there will also be a used clothing component.  More information will follow.


UCW Annual Meeting
The UCW Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 11th at 8:45 - 3 at St. Paul's United Church in Dundas. Tickets are $20 and will include lunch and guest speaker. Please contact Carol Lewis at 905-383-7167 if you are interested in attending.
UCW Lunch
The UCW are planning a ladies lunch at the Mandarin Restaurant, Upper James Street in Hamilton on Monday April 9th at noon. Please sign the sheet on the UCW board by Sunday April 8th. If you need a ride, please indicate that as well.
Contemporary Spiritual Voices Conference
"What is the Land Saying" is at Westdale United Church, Friday April 20 through Sunday April 22nd.  Guest speakers are Dr. Daniel Coleman, McMaster University, author of "Yardwork";  Vanessa Watts, Indigenous Studies professor, McMaster; and Renee Thomas-Hill, aboriginal story-teller.  More details are on the posters on our church bulletin boards.