GREETINGS                                 FEBRUARY 8th, 2018


Though they didn't really get it, Peter, James, and John were privy to a vision of the risen Jesus on a mountaintop somewhere at the midway point of Jesus' earthly ministry. And we too are lifted at times to heights where God addresses us and opens us to future greatness, brilliance even. And there and then might we kneel and offer gratitude before we rise and move on to claim that different future.

Rev. Ted Loder wrote a meditation on that kind of experience, called it "The Kettle of the Day":

"O God, never quite grasped, yet always at the tip of my tongue, my mind, my heart,
while it's still dark I hear the dawn - winged chatter, feathered singing, black, grumpy caws,
clatter of the early train - and yawning up, I put on the kettle of the day.
Pink and blue spreads, heaven to earth, ineffable, inseparable, mysterious as male/female,
timeless probe into my quick time, transcendence in disguise, disturbing, welcome reminder
of what I never quite remember or ever quite forget, this wonder at the tip of me.
I stammer my praise, my 'O-God-I'm-glad', 
for those I love and who love me, though who knows why, except mercy and grace,
and the willingness to do love's long labours towards love's deep
rewards; ...                                                          
for mistakes corrected, weaknesses owned, changes made, failures become teachers;                              
for the traces of wisdom the years have left in me;
for old friends, good stories, nothing to do, sitting still,
listening, watching, thinking, praying, sleeping; 
for work to go back to, for the sweat for bread; 
for peace, for justice, which is love with its sleeves rolled up; 
for this stubbornly fertile, painfully abused, incredibly beautiful, beloved mother earth;
for this fumbling, frangible human world, still bathed in light, cradled in heaven;
and this for Christ's sake longing at the tip of me, and at my core, 
for what only you could make me long for.  
I remember but this meagre much and offer you my thankful prayer."
Wrestling the Light 1991
May God take our meagre much that dangles at the tip of our own selves and shape it into ministry and mission.
In our thoughts and prayers are Judy van Duzer, Connie and Keith Kuntz,  and Patricia Bradshaw's grandson, Daniel.



United Church Observer
This is your last chance to subscribe to the Observer. Cheques should be left in the office or handed to Patty Cheshire today. The cost is $25.

Ancaster Community Food Drive
Anyone interested in assisting with the Ancaster Community Food Drive is invited to join the Marshall team.  We will be given several routes to take care of, probably in the vicinity of the church.  On the morning of Saturday, February 24 we will distribute flyers to our routes (1-2 hours).  On the morning of Saturday, March 3 we will do a door-to-door pickup of food donations for delivery to the Ancaster Fairgrounds (2-3 hours).  The activity involves walking and carrying food bags.  Also, some drivers will be needed.  This is a very worthwhile cause and is a good opportunity for us to serve in God's world. If you would be willing to help, please sign the volunteer list in the Foyer, or contact Dave Putnam at
Tax Receipts
Please pick up your 2017 tax receipt from the box in the foyer.

Parlour Renovations
We will be renovating our church parlour in a major way in the coming months.  Before we start our renovations on DEMO DAY, Monday February 26th, we will be selling off most of the items in the room via a silent auction process. From today and until Sunday February 18th, we will take bids for the items listed on the sheets placed in the foyer and parlour.  The highest bidder will win the item and must have it taken away from the premises before Friday Feb. 23.  Good luck and may the highest bid win!

Time Out With Jesus
"Time out with Jesus" will resume in the church parlour  in February, Tuesdays at noon (until the renovations begin).
Living Rock
Please remember your groceries TODAY for the Living Rock.  Your donations are greatly appreciated.


Ash Wednesday
Join in the sanctuary on Wednesday, February 14th at 12:30.

Ancaster United Churches - Lenten Study
During Lent four Ancaster United Churches (Marshall, Ryerson, Bethesda and Jerseyville) will participate in a study of the Book of Mark. The study will be held each week starting next Thursday, February 15 at 1:30 pm. It will rotate between the four churches, with leadership provided by the ministers of each church. The first two weeks will be held at Marshall with Rev. Harry Disher as the discussion leader. This is a wonderful time of preparation as we approach Easter and an excellent opportunity for us to get to know others from neighbouring United Churches in our community.

                                                      MARK-ing TIME
A Six-Week Travelling Bible Study sponsored by Ancaster area United Churches
WEEK 1:   "Preparation for Lent"                             Psalm 27          
Thurs. Feb. 15   1:30-3:00 p.m.                                 Marshall Memorial United Church  
WEEK 2: "Introduction to a Gospel"                    Mark 1:1-15                                           Thurs. Feb. 22   1:30-3:00 p.m.                                 Marshall Memorial United Church
WEEK 3: "Looking Forward with Vision"            Mark 8:22-10:52
Thurs. March 1   1:30-3:00 p.m.                                      Jerseyville United Church
WEEK 4: "Teachings and Object Lessons?"       Mark 11:1-13:37                                         Thurs. March 8   1:30-3:00 p.m.                                     Bethesda United Church
WEEK 5:   "Dinner, Distress, Denial"                       Mark 14:1-72                                         Thurs. March 15   1:30-3:00 p.m.                                     Ryerson United Church
WEEK 6:   "Darkness Descends"                           Mark 15: 1 - 47                 
Thurs. March 22   1:30-3:00 p.m.                                   Ryerson United Church