GREETINGS                                           March 22, 2018
                                                CUTTING LOOSE
The Lenten journey isn't just about giving things or habits up; it's also about letting go and finding new freedom. Zaccheus was invited by Jesus to become disentangled from his ill-gotten riches; a blind man was enabled to become a seeing person; a marginalized woman with an ongoing hemorrhage has her bleeding stopped as her new life in faith begins; and Lazarus is resuscitated by the words "Unbind him, and let him go!" Then there is Jesus about to free-wheel it into the danger zone of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey - a political parable flung in the face of the ruling religious authorities and the agents of Empire. And he winds up bound, demeaned, and fastened to Caesar's wood ... until .... Oh yes, God had a most marvelous way of cutting Jesus loose three days later. All of these freeing instances have the nature of, well, dancing as if no one else is looking; or, even if they are, who cares? Keri Wehlander has a prayer all about that too in her meditative book Circles of Grace (page 35-36). Feel free to re-pray it in first person singular:
In daily patterns and settings we travel well-worn paths.                              We learn conventional ways. We surrender to how it always has been.    Dance us into freedom, O Cloud and Flame of Life.  
We prioritize perceived expectations. We neglect our uncommon dreams. We shape our lives with fear and familiarity. 
Dance us into freedom, O Cloud and Flame of Life
We claim not to see the corruptions. We protect common myths with our lies. We perjure the gospel within us. 
Dance us into freedom, O Cloud and Flame of Life
We confine the breadth of our choices. We deny the depth of our hopes. We limit the strength of our lives. 
Dance us into freedom, O Cloud and Flame of Life.

Where or in what ways might you need to cut loose? Or, if you could cut loose, what might that look like, feel like, be like? Feel free to invite God to help you actually do it.

In our thoughts and prayers are Noreen Coombs, Judy VanDuzer and Patricia Bradshaw's grandson, Daniel.
The flowers today are placed in the sanctuary by Juliette Fielding in loving memory of her husband, Don.



Outreach Committee
The Outreach committee will be selling chocolate bark TODAY. The price will be $6 per bag.  Your support will help in funding our various community projects. We hope you will use this opportunity when planning your Easter baskets.

Renaming Contest!
Come prepared with your ideas for a new name of our newly-renovated "parlour".  There will be ballots handed out this Sunday March 25th. Fill the ballot box in the foyer with your suggestions after each service.
An anonymously donated PRIZE of a $50 Cineplex gift certificate will be awarded to the winning submission. The Renovation Reveal will occur on Easter Sunday, April 1st as will the NEW NAME for the room.

Time Out With Jesus
"Time Out with Jesus" will take place in the minister's study on Tuesday at noon on March 27th.
Community Food Drive
Good news from our Community:  This year's Ancaster Food Drive effort brought in 104,000 pounds of food to help feed hungry people!!!!!  
Email address changed
Please take note.  The old email address of has been replaced by

Heather  hosted a party last week and it looks like everyone had lots of FUN!!!!!

On Good Friday there will be a service at 10AM.  On Easter Sunday there will be two services at 9am and 10:30.