~ Mary's Morning Message ~
Trust the Parachute and Jump!

~ Key of Knowingness ~
(Letting go of Doubt and Learning to Trust)
If You have built this Parachute, then You can Trust in it !
You are the Seamstress, you are Sewing and Crafting.   You have your own Cords and Material of the Finest-Cloth.   Inch by Inch, you have MADE certain that your Parachute will Open upon your First Jump, as you have Firmly 'detailed or animated' your Parachute for this Jump, You are Ready!  
You have gone to "Jump" School, practiced in Simulators, Scanned your Self-Instruction Manual, Studied over and over, Pre-planned, you are Knowing, Trusting and Guiding your 'gut' to your Key of Knowingness, that this Jump is going to happen.   If we have prepared for this Jump, and don't do it, a Self-Doubt shall override this Leap of Faith,  preventing the Trust that has been built.   We Can, and we have already done this, so think no longer, go back inside your Heart ~ and Just Do It . . . says Goddess Nike.
Visual ~
You have Rised Up, and are now in the Craft. You are at the Window, with the Element of the Wind caressing your Embodiment, caring and lovingly Guiding You. Trusting the Element of the Wind, to Ride you through your travel, Protect you and Glide You to Land Exactly where your Heart has asked to be.   Breathe in ~ and Begin to Feel the Love of this Wind for you.   Trust this Wind as your New Begin, Breathe.

Your Heart knows where it wants to go, though sometimes the Mind of others that have Jumped before you, may say, "hey land here, or over there" . . . Well that may have been the Best Course for them, though not necessarily for you!   So if we choose to Listen to The Key of Knowingness, we will create a space for self to be guided as the Wind shall drift us, exactly where we are supposed to be.   Now see the "outsider" that is trying to drift you else where, and Re-Scope yourself, and redirect the Energy of the Wind back to you, Trust and Breathe, Leave the other, and Self Discover this Jump of Planning,  Breathe.

On this First Jump you asked to Ride Dual, so that at least if you Try it, and Fear or Doubt takes over your Trust, then the Dual Rider, has your back.   And Now we Thank this Dual Rider ~ Reflect, and Feel their Strength as your Spiritual Guide when Jumping Solo.   See this Dual Rider as the Spiritual String, that is Focused and Taught in Trust.  Breathe.    

~ Jump ~ yes, it is a bit scary at first, though you did it.  With many trials over and over, you are becoming more comfortable with yourself.  You are beginning to Trust versus Doubt

In your past landings . . . you may have been hurt, or you missed the mark, or you got 'hung' up on the lines of time that passed you by in flight.   You may have got 'caught' in others Parachute Jumps, thinking maybe you would join in with theirs, and then ended up getting 'tangled' in a web of confusion that "spiraled" you down to the Lower Earth, Ker plunk   Though . . . it didn't' take your life!   If this happened, then Stand Tall, Brush it off, Breathe, let go, and Rise once Again.  It's Ok . . . Mistakes are Lessons, and Lessons are Teachings of Guidance, that will Forward us to our Future, that will then become our Self-Tutor of Trust.  This Lesson may have bruised you, or broken a bone or two, though you didn't come unglued.  You Stayed intact.  You Pulled Yourself back up, you collected the Parachute, the loose strings, the ripped material, and hauled it off yourself, once again to the beginning of "another" attempt, another try . . . why ?   Because you know, that You Can Do this.

Think of all the times before that you have Jumped, taken a Leap of Faith, Tried, Trusted, Went for It, Gave it your All.  Was this for Nothing, No . . . it gave you Self-advise to Do it Again, and Again, and to Trust that You Shall Succeed!  

When in Doubt, we will Spiral, and that Spiral will become a vortex of Confusion, Mishaps, and maybe another Fall, Versus remaining Focused and Landing on the X that marks the Very spot for You.  If you are Parachuting Tandem, is it time to Release from the Dual Ride, and Trust that you Can take this Jump, and know that WHERE EVER you are supposed to Be, you will have Landed in Fact on the X, that is guaranteed some sort of placement for your ARRIVAL.    Though please also remember, if this Arrival becomes temporary, you are SKILLED to Rise again, and create another Parachute Jump, to the Next X that marks the Spot.

You have sat in your Work-Shop, and Sewed intricately the Strings to Secure and HOLD this Parachute together, no matter what the Weather Pattern occurring "outside of you"  is while in Flight.   So whatever Storm may be brewing Outside, You will have TRUSTED that any given day, even dependent on the weather, you have been given the SELF-ORDERS to take the Jump, and in this Flight the Sun that Shines will Keep you Guided and Free.

Please remember you have built it, sewed it, manufactured the cloth of material that you are Sheathed with, so that while in your jump, you are fully protected and guaranteed a perfect landing. 
Building Confidence ~ Releasing Doubt Exercise
~One Jump at a Time ~
You can Do This  

1.   Visualize something, someone that you are in FULL TRUST with / of, at all times, never at any given moment would you have doubt or fear about this person or thing. Now see this energy and breathe in. Let it begin with full Trust to fill your embodiment.  Breathe . . .  Let it hold you here in this very breath, and still your being.  Place this Trusted Imprint with your embodiment.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.
2.   Now bring to Mind what are you doubting in Life right Now?  See this Doubt in front of you. Look at it, examine it, feel it, use your sensory to discern this doubt.  What has it really done to you to cause this doubt? Now go back to the first visual of this thing or person that you have FULLEST TRUST IN Breathe in again, and SHEATHE the Doubt, and place a Shroud of LOVE and TRUST around you.  See the Doubt of this situation be FULLY CLOTHED with Trust of this New Experience.   Breathe INTO the Doubtful-Energy a Trustful-Energy Experience, and Fill your Embodiment with Love and Light.  Releasing, Dispelling, Letting Go of, Discharging, and now becoming Liberated to this Self-Power that you are OFFING to you Now.   Breathe, and Receive this Light.
3.   How do you feel right now? What does your belly (gut) Personal Power, your Solar Plexus Charka saying, feeling, expressing? It is  Empowered and feeling balanced?   Are you  TRUSTING yourself and continuing to let go of the Doubt that once overcame you?   Breathe, and Give Grace and Gratitude for this Self-Awareness and your Arrival.
4.   Shall this Doubt ever return, use this Energy Experience to Assist, until all is Untwisted and forever set free. The twist is the intermingle of other strings from Your Parachute jump in and or around others also living in Doubt.   Please be untangled from the Old Strings Now.    You are Free, let go and flow . . . Breathe, Breathe, and Receive.
You Did It !!!
Be Proud  ~ Keep it Up, and Go for It, Just Go for It and Trust

  Divine Blessings to thee  
Mary Martin

~ Codes of Confidence ~

Mary is offering Private Phone Sessions to receive "Codes of Confidence", to Release Doubt and Gain Trust.  
~ With the intention to Trust thyself, Doubt begins to fade away ~
In this Phone Reading, one is given Guidance, Mentorship, and Counsel to begin to Excel the Energy of this Experience, to New Beginnings. Mary is a Minister, Messenger and Medium, and as a Spiritual Receiver / Transmitter,  she will offer Activations in this Transmission to the Release of Fear and Doubt, while gaining Self-Trust in that of what you wish to Receive.
Incantations of Sacred Songs (Light Language) is an Energy Formula that activates the imbalanced or depleted area(s) that need the life force to flow again.  As the Intonements are chanted, Sparks of Golden Light Ignite the sleeping cells, sending positive subliminal messages and frequency of this Golden Light into the entire embodiments system, to remove obstructed, lodged, stuck or dormant energy. 
To register for your 1-hour Private Phone Session, please respond to this newsletter.