Divine Design Art Painted by ~ Mary Martin
The Colorful Canvas

Today, may you be Inspired to Paint a Colorful Canvas through the Light of Love.
May you be brought the Colors of Connectivity from the universe, as a Channel to Communicate your Artistic talents.
Let the Energy of this Experience remind you, that you have Painted 'many' Portraits of your Past. No matter how many you have Crafted, let your Next one become your Most Vibrant and Colorful Canvas yet. Let it be Expressed for all to see, and May your Canvas be Coded to help you Remember and Receive.
Let your Colorful Canvas become a Mirror Reflection through your Makeup, as a Divine Design that reflects your Inner and Outer Beauty and Goodness.
May you be Open to Change and move forward ~ by Letting go of the old worn out Profiles that no longer Enhance your Experiences of Life.
May you be handed a Brush of Beginnings, to Inspire and Enrich your Energy Fields, that gives you the Ability to Achieve All of Your Dreams through this Divine Design.
As you begin to Birth your Masterpiece, may you see Yourself as A Colorful Canvas to All that is.
Motherly Blessings to thee
Mary Martin
Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium
October 9, 2016