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Workers' Rights Center, Madison, WI

Staff Sarah Smoot, Kristen Taylor and Graciela Laguna of the WRC
Katie Bowden is an intern for Mary's Pence. She recently interviewed Kristin Taylor from The Workers' Rights Center (WRC) , an  advocate for workers in Madison. Wisconsin. With a Mary's Pence Grant, WRC will form an advocacy and support group for Latina workers.

This  s pring, Mary's Pence granted to the Workers' Rights Center (WRC) of Madison, Wisconsin, for the first time. The community center meets with roughly 500 workers a year, most of whom work in food service and other low-wage jobs, in both Madison and surrounding areas within Dane County, Wisconsin. The Mary's Pence g rant will help fund the WRC's new project called Women Workers United, an extension of WRC that works specifically on issues facing Latina workers.

The Workers' Rights Center uses what they refer to as "listening sessions." Instead of more formal meetings, they use an open dialogue in order to better engage with community members. In this way, the participation of all listeners is expected, strived for, and usually caused by the structure of the meetings. The need for assistance in dealing with workplace harassment of female workers was brought up during a listening session with a group of Latina women in Madison this past year.

Drought in Central America 

According to the environmental organization Centro Humboldt, Nicaragua is confronting "the most profound environmental crisis in recent history."

Between 2011 and 2016 there has been a reduction in forest coverage of more than 36,000 hectares (roughly 100,000 acres). In addition to the loss of forests, the principal bodies of surface water in the country have lost water, including the large lakes of Cocibolca and Xolotlan, and the El Coco, Grande de Matagalpa and San Juan rivers. This has created a drought across Nicaragua and other parts of Central America, disrupting the daily lives of women, their businesses, and their communities.

Faced with a drought affecting the entire country, local ESPERA coordinator Auxiliadora traveled to the Campuzano, El Portillo and El Papayal communities of Nindiri-Masaya. This is what she learned.

Like many communities in Nicaragua, these communities where ESPERA women live are affected in particular ways. In the case of the Papayal community, they were without potable water for nine months of the past year. 

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New Board Member
Mary's Pence welcomes Claudia Preza as our newest board member. Claudia lives in L.A., and brings with her a deep passion for  making a difference in the lives of Latin American women and children. She holds a Master's degree in International Studies, with a thesis centered on gender, development and microfinance institutions in the developing world, making her a strong addition to the ESPERA committee. Claudia joined the board in Chicago for the biannual meeting, and we are glad to have her with us!

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by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

Spirit of God,
give us the openness, deep within us
to recognize, daily,
all people as made in your image and likeness.
Help us to learn from one another 
the ways of being fully alive,
at peace with ourselves and with those around us.
Give us the courage to transform
those parts of ourselves and our world
that separate and create enmity.
Help us to take steps to stop
the cycle of violence
in our homes, in our workplaces,
in our neighborhoods, in our countries,
in our world.
May we be open to our deepest yearning
for a world alive with your justice and truth,
to dream of a society
where all are treated with respect,
and, with the power of your Spirit,
to take steps to bring it about.

We envision a world where empowered women 

and their communities flourish in solidarity and justice.


Mary's Pence invests in women across the Americas 

by funding community initiatives and fostering 

collaborations to create social change.