And The Winners Are... 
4th Annual Photo Contest
"Family Togetherness"  
Congratulations 1st-3rd place winners!

1st Place
Cameron, adopted at 15 months, leans into his big sister Ellie--his best friend, closest confidant, and security blanket.
Submitted by: Lauren Ochalek

2nd Place
Daniel appreciates life's little pleasures, especially playing peek-a-boo and enjoying a laugh when he's helping to babysit his niece.
Submitted by: Karen Ropka

3rd Place
All the eggs were found thanks to teamwork and the unconditional love shared by cousins Henry and Catherine!
Submitted by: Jennifer Briemann
With more than 60 entries, the competition was tight! Thanks to our Photo Contest Work Team members who diligently deliberated over the many excellent photos and well-written captions. Here's what they had to say:

"The photo contest is another important way that the Council practices what it preaches regarding inclusion and family life." - Amanda Lay
" The photos did a superb job of capturing ordinary moments of extraordinary relationships." - Russ Young
But it's not over yet! There are seven photos on our Facebook page that are contenders for the "Fan Favorite"--it's time for your input! Vote for the "Fan Favorite" by "liking" the photo you think best exemplifies the meaningful bonds that families share.

The photo with the most "likes" by midnight on Monday, May 22 will be named "FAN FAVORITE" and will receive $100. Spread the word!
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