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Captian Rick Mears of the  FV Francis Anne catching Golden Tile  off the coast of Southern New Jersey. He  is one of our fisherman who supplies us Golden Tile.

Golden Tile
Product: 11041F

Tilefish is a flaky whitefish favorite. Known for it's sweet flavor from it's diet of lobster and crustaceans. You are what you eat!

Most tilefish is harvested in the mid-Atlantic, from the Carolinas to Ocean City, Maryland, though tilefish is also caught off the east coast of Florida and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Golden tilefish is more commonly harvested now than in the past, because the population is very healthy and well managed after recovering from an overfished state. Most tilefish are harvested with bottom longline, which have a minimal impact on the muddy bottoms tilefish inhabit. In addition, there are extremely low levels of bycatch when targeting tilefish.

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Tiger Prawns
Under 6-8 per pound 
Item Code:  MSC22108HO
Under 6 per pound 
Item Code MSC22106HO

The Prawn
Tiger prawns from Skull Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria are the biggest you can find in Australia!
Measuring up to 26cm in length and 100g in weight, these juicy behemoths of the prawn underworld are truly king on the plate. Characteristic Tiger stripes, striking fluorescent purple tails and their sheer size leave you in awe as you open a box of Skull Island tiger prawns for the first time.

Dorades:  600-800 gram just in, next inbound will be  Monday afternoon for  Tuesday delivery

Bronzini:  Plenty of 400-600, 600-800, and 800-1000, I'm hoping to have more in  Friday or  Saturday.  Definitely more in  Monday with dorades

Meagre: 70# just arrived

1-2# Beeliners:  275# on Burnsed due in this evening

4-6# Lanes:  320 in today, more  tomorrow and even more  on Friday

Grouper:  503# domestic reds in Thursday morning

Jumbo Black Bass:  100# more in  tomorrow

Cobia:  plenty in house

Red Trout:  plenty in house

Mahi: more in today,  Thursday and  Friday

Corvina, more in  tomorrow and  Friday

Wahoo, 130# in house, more on the way

Opah, 150# in yesterday

Monchong, 125# in yesterday, 85# pre-sold, 50# available

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Oysters in stock:

Oyster, King Caesar 33030KC
Oysters Locals (Virginia/Maryland) 100 ct 33036 
Oysters Barren Island 100 ct (Maryland) 33030BI
Oysters Blue Pt (Conn) 100 ct 33030
Oysters Breaded 33050
Oysters Chesapeake Gold (Maryland) 33030CG
Oysters Chincoteague (Virginia) 33030C
Oysters Choptank Sweet (Maryland) 33030CS
Oysters Gold Creek (Washington) 33060GM
Oysters Half Shell (frozen)120 per 33048
Oysters Holy Grail (Maryland) 33030HG
Oysters James River 100 ct (Virginia) 33037
Oysters Katama Bay (Massachusetts) 33030KB
Oysters Malpeque (Prince Edward Island) 33035M
Oysters Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 33030M
Oysters Mirada Bay 33060MB
Oysters Olde Salts (Virginia) 33030OS
Oysters Rappahannock (Virginia) 33030R
Oysters Select Pint 33045P
Oysters Shells 33035S
Oysters Shucked Count 33046
Oysters Shucked Select 33045
Oysters Shucked Standard 33044
Oysters Thatch Island (Massachusetts) 33030TI
Oysters Wellfleet (Massachusetts) 33030WF
Oysters Wianno (Massachusetts) 33030WI
Oysters, Miyagi 33060M
Oysters, Pleasant Bay 33030PB
Oysters, Rochambeau 33030RB
Oysters, Wildcat Cove 33060WC

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Golden Tilefish

Golden tilefish is a locally harvested fish. Tilefish are a clean white, flaky fish with a distinctly sweet flavor. Golden tilefish are more commonly harvested than their cousin, the grey tilefish.

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