Mastering Time
​"Time Management from the Inside Out"
With NYCNVC founder  Thom Bond

"Almost all time management systems fail because they never address the basic concepts and principles that create an effective and lasting relationship to time as it relates to our lives. This  workshop​  breaks the code" -  Thom Bond

PART 1: January 30th, 6-9pm
PART 2:  February 1st, 6-9pm


"​ Mastering Time"  is a 2-part workshop that ​ combines​  the work of Benjamin Franklin and Marshall Rosenberg  to approach  time management  ​from a whole new p erspective The workshop provides proven practices to help us live a life that better expresses who we are and  includes  more of  what we want​ .​
If  you are stressed or frustrated about time, overwhelmed by constant urgencies, or find that important tasks slip through the cracks, this  one-of-a-kind ​ workshop will provide tools for you to understand and organize your life in a way that is productive  and  rewarding.

The event was a true success when we first offered it in 2012, and we are excited that Thom has agreed to offer it again this coming January, a time of the year typically filled with new resolutions and planning​. Our hope is to share a new way to approach it all. ​am personally looking forward to attending and hope you'll consider joining us​.​ You can read below for more information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Sending you my warmest wishes for ​a ​wonderful​ ​​Winter season and even more wonderful New Year​ :)

Clara Moisello

NYCNVC Course Coordinator
(646) 201-9226
About the Workshop

Schedule and Layout

PART 1: January 30th, 6-9pm

The workshop begins by introducing  tools and processes that help us create a  deeper understanding of our life's purpose, our deepest values and brings m ore clarity about​  who  we​  are and the l ives we​  want to  have ​Through a deepening empathy and self-empathy training and practice, we will gain insights into our unique constellation of needs and gain clarity about what we love and want in our lives.

PART 2: February 1st, 6-9pm

In Part 2  participants will learn  to match our purpose, priorities and direction to  daily life - for real. We will practice creating a time management system that helps you help yourself to  have a  happier, ​ more self-expressed life.​  We will also learn to recognize and avoid​ pitfalls and common mistakes, thereby reducing  stress and  increasing  efficiency  and​  effectiveness .​

Workshop Location

Chelsea Studios
151 W 26th St (btw. 6th and 7th Avenue)
6th Floor
New York, NY 10001
p: (212) 924-5877

Tuition - $145
(Does not include food or lodging)
Suggested Experience
While there are no prerequisites for this training, we encourage participants to have some idea of what NVC is. Recommendations include attending a "First Mondays" NVC Introduction, reading the beginning of Marshall Rosenberg's book: Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life and/or completing The Exercise.

  • Understanding Time
  • Learning to Prioritize
  • Tracking and Budgeting Time
  • Creating an "Airtight" Time Management System
  • ​Y​ our Personal Efficiency Inventory
  • Connecting​ Your Actions to Your Deepest Desires and Values

  • Increased​ Sense of Satisfaction
  • Increased​ Productivity
  • Greater Sense of Meaning and Purpose
  • Manage Details Better
  • Increase Your Leadership Abilities
  • Break Old Habits and Create New Ones
  • Reduce Stress

About Thom Bond

Thom is the founder and Director of Education of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, whose mission is to share, locally and abroad, the skills of peacemaking. Today, through his writing, teaching, speaking, mediating, consulting and coaching, Thom works with thousands of people in over 100 countries.

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