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Caricatures of Themselves
Student/Artist Pays Tribute to Faculty

Brian Meulener
What began as in-class doodles four years ago is now a nine-foot mural filled with more than 40 caricatures of RSDM faculty. Find out how student Brian Meulener, a professional artist, captured the quirks and personalities of his teachers and what they think of the results. LEARN MORE  

Jessica Senat marks the spot of her residency
Matching Up
Students score big on Match Day

At a Match Day ceremony held last month, Dean Feldman announced that 90 percent of RSDM students seeking a match had found one, compared to the national average of 67 percent. "This just continues to reinforce recognition of the quality of our students and the quality of a Rutgers education,'' said Feldman.  LEARN MORE

Lessons Learned
Alum teaches value of building patient trust
Dr. Nathalie Scarpa-Lota

Dr. Nathalie Scarpa-Lota still remembers her first great success as an RSDM student more than two decades ago. Her patient was an elderly nun named Sister Marie Camillo, who needed a three-unit bridge. Today, she helps students recognize the importance of treating patients as individuals.    LEARN MORE


Gateway Community
Predental program offers glimpse of dental school life

Gateway students practice their skills.   PHOTO CREDIT: Maritza Camacho
Derek Swanson was almost sure he wanted to be a dentist before graduating from RSDM's Gateway program last month. But now he's convinced. "It solidified my goals,'' said Swanson. The two-week program allows college students interested in dental school to immerse themselves in life at RSDM.

Following Up
Perio residents measure success of new laser technique

Perio resident Mohamed Elazhri
In April, post-doc periodontal students learned how to perform laser surgery with new digital technology, marking RSDM as one of the first dental schools in the nation to include it as part of the curriculum. Since then, perio residents have been monitoring the long-term aftermath of laser implant surgeries. LEARN MORE