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JULY 2015  


Which teachers to assign to which groups of students? As school leaders across the country make their final scheduling adjustments before the new year, that question is not just a practical one - with the right data, it can represent one of the greatest opportunities to ensure student success.


Our second in a series of Data Decisions Briefs, Matching Teaching Talent to Student Need, draws on information from real districts across the country to highlight how schools can use data to match teachers to the students who need them the most.

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In one school district ERS studied, 9th graders were nearly half as likely to have a highly rated core subject teacher as 12th graders were. This matters because 9th grade is a foundational year that sets students up for success. This short brief explores how schools can assign teachers more strategically, in many different ways.

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Because of class size and teacher experience level, 12th grade electives often end up costing more per class than crucial classes like 9th grade math - sometimes as much as $270 more. That money can be invested more strategically while ensuring 12th graders still get an excellent experience. Districts can use "cost of class" metrics to target resources at all grade levels.


School Check

This free online self assessment tool lets school leaders gauge where they fall against best practices for ensuring excellent teaching, providing personalized learning, and identifying creative and cost-effective staffing solutions. It can help districts take action after reading the Data Decisions Briefs.

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Strategic School Design is the practice of setting a strong vision for school success, and then reorganizing resources - including people, time, and money - around that vision. This short guide is the first step to understanding strategies for assigning teachers and teams, providing personalized learning experiences, and more.

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SBB-School Design Webinar Video
Leaders from Cleveland Metropolitan School District joined ERS' Jonathan Travers for a webinar based on our paper, Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door,  to discuss how to use student-based budgeting as a tool for true improvement in schools . CAOs as well as CFOs will benefit from this candid discussion.
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