May 1, 2016                                                
Curing Kids Cancer Teams with Mecum for Special Tour in Houston

Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center is the largest pediatric oncology and blood disease center in the United States. It is also recognized as one of the leaders in research and new therapies for children with childhood cancer.  

Recently Grainne Owen, Founder of CKC, along with Dana Mecum of Mecum Auctions had the opportunity to tour the advanced facilities and sit down with Dr. David Poplack, Director of Texas Children's Cancer Center, and pediatric oncologist  Dr. Eric Schafer  to learn more about what they are able to do with the money raised by the Mecum/Curing Kids Cancer partnership.   

One of the most innovative types of research that is funded by the partnership is based on CAR T-cell therapy. This specific type of therapy is when the CAR T-cells of a child's immune system, which normally fights infections, are taken out of the body and genetically reengineered to fight cancer cells. This type of therapy currently has a 94% success rate in children with leukemia. CKC's Medical Advisory Board awarded a $200,000 grant to Dr. Stephen Gottschalk for his research adapting CAR T-cell therapy to treat brain tumors. Dr. Schafer's training in the pharmacology of oncology was also funded by Curing Kids Cancer. This will enable him to have a deeper understanding of ways that certain types of drugs can benefit children battling cancers.  

The visit to Texas Children's Cancer Center was extremely beneficial for all parties involved. It is important for us to know about the most innovative types of research being conducted so that Curing Kids Cancer can ensure its contributions are going to the right sources. This experience allowed Dana Mecum to see, in a tangible way, why funding pediatric cancer research is so vital.  If you would like to help us make a difference, donate  here.

CKC in the News

Curing Kids Cancer's 3rd Annual Fire Truck Pull in Columbia, SC raised approximately $22,000 on April 9, 2016. Check out these articles and learn more on how we are making a difference. 

Medical Buzz

Dr. David Poplack
David Poplack M.D., is the director of the Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center in Houston. Dr. Poplack has written 350 original articles and book chapters on pediatric oncology and also serves on Curing Kids Cancer's Medical Advisory board providing insight on where to allocate the funds that are raised. Dr. Poplack and his staff are on the cutting edge of pediatric cancer research and continue to make a difference daily

Meet Ellie Fetner

Ellie Fetner
Ellie Fetner is a 12 year old girl currently receiving treatment at Texas Children's Cancer Center for leukemia. With a vibrant personality and a deep love for all things Taylor Swift, Ellie, her little sister Anna, and the rest of her family had the unique opportunity to bring down the gavel at the Mecum Auctions in Houston last month. Keep fighting and stay strong Ellie! 

Happy Helpers

We Love Our Volunteers!

Curing Kids Cancer has some hardworking volunteers. Without their dedication, we would not be able to host events like the Golf Tournament and the First and Gold Gala. 
Below is one of our awesome volunteers, Pamela Chalfant. Pamela is the mother of three girls and has been volunteering with Curing Kids Cancer for the past several years.  She has always been extremely generous with her time and resources. We are so grateful for all Pamela does! 
Pamela Chalfant

If you would like to learn more about to how to get involved with Curing Kids Cancer feel free to contact us.

Director of Programs and Events at Curing Kids Cancer,
Lauren Korthoff: or 404-596-5507

Want to help?

There are many different ways to get involved at Curing Kids Cancer. Below are just a few Curing Kids Cancer fund raising ideas for the  month of May.

  • Cinco de Mayo: Host a potluck meal to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Invite your friends and coworkers to the meal for a donation of $5.
  • Cook Off: Gather your friends, co-workers or teammates and have a BBQ cook off! Charge a certain amount for an entry fee and donate the proceeds to Curing Kids Cancer. 
  •  Neighborhood Garage Sale: Have your neighborhood work together and host a garage sale. Donate a portion of the proceeds to CKC. 
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    Upcoming Events
Mecum, Indianapolis 
May 17-21

We are excited for the next Mecum auction in Indianapolis. If you are interested in learning more, click here.
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May 2, 2016 
Curing Kids Cancer Golf Classic

The Curing Kids Cancer Golf Classic will be May 2nd at The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta,GA. If you are interested in being a sponsor, or purchasing a foursome, please visit  You can also contact Lauren Korthoff at
 404-596-5507 or Hurry as  there are only a few spots left!

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