Well the pictures speak louder than any words or stories. Opening Day was a HUGE success. No where in the yachting world, do club members have the same fun as we do at ABYC. Lots of images have been posted on social media. I've borrowed a few to share with you here. I'm sure Sharon will have even more in the upcoming Weekly Reader for June.

Sorry I missed the shindig ... had some illness in my home. Super happy everyone had such a great time.

Stacy Massey
Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader *\0/*

This Week's Junior Program Email Blast: May 10, 2018

Memorial Day Regatta...
Volunteers Needed !

It's that time again and we need your help. 
We need volunteers for the race committee for the Memorial Day Regatta.
The C-20 fleet is the duty fleet and we need help. 
This is a two day regatta and we need help both days.

Please contact Steve George, C-20 Fleet Captain, .

Please let me know what you would like to do, whaler, committee boat, inside or outside, shore duty, one day or both.

If you have not done this before, it is a great way to meet other
members and get to know everyone.
Thanks for your support!

Steve George
C-20 Fleet
V ery few reservation are left for our beloved Mother's Day Brunch. So if you haven't make your RSVP yet, grab the phone...
Only 20 spots remain!
Please email Maria Milefchik at  
if you plan on competing in this regatta.
You will need to select a country that you want to represent. 
(The US is not an option). 

Please send your request by May 12th, otherwise you won't have a special pair of skivvies made for you.
Also, if you have a sabot that can be used in the regatta
or need one, please also send an email.

Thanks a lot!