Latham Bell Celebration of Life - June 4th, 2017

I just got back from ABYC and meeting with Susan Bell and Tori Kasik. Although the club and our membership are still struggling with the loss of Staff Commodore Bell, the good news is, that the family is planning an amazing afternoon on June 4th to honor Latham's life!

We expect hundreds of people! Literally! So we're going to need everyone's help... whether that be in regards to parking, carpooling, shore-boating or how you may assist in other ways ... we're still working out some details. 

What we do know, is that Tori and I will need some volunteers in a variety of capacities. Due to the big response we expect, I created a little form, so that no one's "offer to help" would get lost in email folders or cyberspace.  

Here's the link to complete if your available to volunteer:

Bell Celebration of Life
Volunteer Interest

Please mark this day of celebration on your calendar and share it with anyone that knew Latham. It will be an honor to be present on June 4th.


Stacy Massey

Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader *\0/*

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Latham's Celebration of Life 
Sunday, June 4th @ 3pm 
at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

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A thirsty sailor runs from his boat to the nearest bar and shouts to the bartender, “Give me twenty shots of your best scotch, quick!”

The bartender pours out the shots, and the sailor drinks them as fast as he can.

The bartender is very impressed and exclaims, “Wow. I never saw anybody drink that fast.”

The sailor replies, “Well, you’d drink that fast too, if you had what I have.”

The bartender says, “Oh my God! What is it? What do you have?”

“Fifty cents!” replied the sailor.

Memorial Day, don't want to fight the traffic or cook in a hot kitchen?  Come on down to the Club!  There's the Memorial Day Regatta for those wanting a challenging bit of fun on the water, of course there's usually work to be done on your boat, putting around the bay or playing on the beach are nice ways to spend the day, or just some quiet time on the patio enjoying the view is delightful.  And, then, promptly at 4:00 the Patio Bar will open and a really fun dinner is planned.  Steaks will be provided for you to cook just the way you want for yummy steak sandwiches, with cold potato salad, thick slices of watermelon, and good old chocolate chip cookies.

This year's Big Bang on the Bay is scheduled for July 3rd. The flyer is in the works, but we wanted to give you all a head's up so that you can mark your calendar.

Our theme this year is "Bring Your Own Picnic"... so start digging out those picnic baskets, blankets and chairs... it's going to be fantabulous!

More to come next week...