CalGEO Emerging Geoprofessionals  Meeting

CalGEO Emerging Geoprofessionals Presents:

Introduction to Temporary Shoring
Erik Dahl, P.E.

Engineer / Project Manager, Sacramento Drilling


What is shoring?  What is the difference between temporary shoring and a permanent retaining structure?  My project requires a deep excavation, do I need shoring and if so, what type(s) do I choose and why?  Ok, I know shoring is required, but how do I approach the design?

Temporary Shoring and Retaining Structure design is an important tool for any geotechnical or design professional working with grade differentials when sloping is not feasible, but it is also a topic that is under-taught, often covered in a single class or sometimes not at all.  This presentation will cover the different types of retaining structures, the components, terminology, construction methods and design methodologies.


Mr. Dahl graduated from CSU Sacramento in May 2006 with BS Civil Engineering.  He is a professional civil engineer with over 10 years’ experience in heavy civil construction, construction management and structural design with an emphasis in retaining structures.  He has experience with the design and construction of temporary/permanent beam and lagging shoring, soil nails, tiebacks, struts and walers, raker braces, gabions, crib walls, MSE walls and cast-in-place concrete retaining structures.  Some projects Mr. Dahl has worked on include AC2, Santa Cruz Storm Damage Repair Emergency Contracts and Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Temporary Shoring.

Meeting Details
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 6:30pm to 8:30pm  

North Natomas Public Library
4660 Via Ingoglia
Sacramento, CA 95835                                                
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