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2012 Human Resources Symposium
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The Importance of Soft Skills in Soft Economy
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2012 Human Resources Symposium
The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark recognizes that in today's competitive marketplace, preparing yourself and your workforce for unexpected changes is critical for continued success. In recognition of this, we are pleased to announce the 2012 Human Resources Symposium.
This human resources conference is focused on how to prepare yourself and your workforce for the future. Topics include:
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Leading Change
  • Mentoring
  • Succession Planning
The symposium brings together presenters from multiple disciplines, who are experts in their field with real-world experience.

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MBA Feedback Request
Kent State University at Stark needs your feedback regarding interest in MBA programs at the Stark Campus. The Corporate University invites you to share your valuable feedback via a brief online survey. You will recieve an email with a link to the survey following this newsletter. Please take a few moments and complete this brief questionnaire regarding MBA options at Kent State University at Stark.
Your participation is greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

Soft Skills Even More Vital in

Soft Economy

As an organization, are you poised to emerge from the current recession with a vital, engaged and energized workforce? Do you have a workforce with skills to meet the challenges of the new economy head on? How can you be prepared? The short answer is to train your associates in skills like decision making, interpersonal communication skills, leadership and time management.


The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark is your organization's partner and can prepare associates for the future economic environment. The best recommendations the lifelong learning professionals at The Corporate University can make is to link your training plan to your strategic business goals, and then work your plan during lean and fat times in your business.


One way to maximize your limited training dollars in a soft economy is to join our affiliate program, The Knowledge Network. Attendees of these highly-ranked programs reap two major benefits. They learn skills that will benefit them individually and, in turn, those same skills will benefit your organization. In addition, since the mix of attendees in the room for a Knowledge Network program includes individuals from a cross-section of industries and organizations in the area, your associates learn best practices from area businesses that they can bring back to your organization. Use these key employees to set the standard for on-the-job performance and demonstrate the skills they have learned from the professional development programs offered by The Corporate University to inspire your whole organization.

The Reach of Kent State University Lean Six Sigma

Kent State University offers Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification at two locations in Northeast Ohio. Over the past five years, the reputation of our excellent program has been reaching an ever-broadening audience across the U.S. and internationally. We have seen participants from many states within the contiguous 48 and international partners from Canada and Greenland. The graphic that follows represents the participants within North America who have attended our programs in North Canton and Twinsburg.


Learn more about Kent State Lean Six Sigma

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