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Heron at Morikami
Return to Nature! Morikami Gardens FL

Hello! Spring has arrived and in Tucson it feels like summer!

What's been happening at the office? It's been very exciting. More and more clients are coming in and wanting to improve their lifestyle and stop the slide into ever increasing weight. Some parents are not only motivated for themselves; they want to be good role models of health for their children. Some notice their children are gaining more and more weight at a young age.

Sugar is driving our culture, the addiction to and the deleterious diseases that result from its consumption. Pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome for starts. Please scroll below to read about our new and informative workshop for Pre-diabetics.

I encourage all of you to begin and/or continue on your path of health. How? Return to nature and return to the kitchen. Move your body, exercise. Hydrate well. Eat organic. And, remember to have fun in healthy ways. Be in touch for appointments and consultations.
Sheila Shea, Director
Special of the Month
Starter Pack
7-Day Cleanse Kit by Arise & Shine & 3 Colonics


7-Day Kit:
3 Colonics:
Your Discount Price:

The Starter Pack was the most successful offer in our last newsletter. Clients took advantage of cleansing, lifestyle change and feeling a whole lot better about themselves. I encourage you to take the journey whether this is your first cleanse or  you want to get back on track after gaining weight or loosing track of your health goals.

My suggestion for the best results is to have a colonic before, during and after the 7-Day Cleanse.

Email me at or call 520-325-9686 to initiate your program.

Expiry: June 15, 2012
                       Are you Pre-Diabetic?
We have a Workshop for you!


Three of us, Ann Baldwin PhD, Alice Adams RN and I have developed a 5-session workshop for Pre-diabetics. We are ready to offer a test run to a small group of volunteers. Here's the deal. You must have a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and be available for 5 2-hour sessions.


We are charging a minimal fee for the Workshop and are looking for about 10 people.


Session One is the Introduction. Sessions Two through Five will encompass the physical, emotional and mental aspects of healing Pre-diabetes. The Workshop is designed to be fun, educational and Interactive.


Ann Baldwin PhD will be working with emotional eating. Alice Adams, RN and Acupuncturist, will cover exercise and give some wonderful sessions of Chi Kung. I plan to address Sugar, Diet, Detox and Food Preparation! You will all have an exciting time! 


Please email Sheila at or call 520-325-9686 to register.  


We will be very excited to hear from you!

Exercise - Good Grief, You Mean I Have to Move!
Friend Maria hiking on Thanksgiving!
Maria and I hike on Thanksgiving!


Your whole body is designed to move. However, many clients who come in rarely move. It's not in their vocabulary. I have a section in my Health Questionnaire about exercise. It goes like this. What is your workout routine? What types of exercise do you do, how long do you workout and how many days do you practice? Does exercise come easy or hard? Did you have physical training as a child?


Is it an option to remain sedentary? Are you aware that exercise is more healing than diet in curing diabetes? It burns up the glucose. Is diabetes epidemic? Yes!


If you are one of those who are not moving your body on a regular basis I want to encourage you to do so. Now that spring is coming  and weather is warmer, it's great time to get outdoors or to the gym and move. Some make excuses. It's too hot, it's too cold. Those are just excuses. You can always find a way to move, to exercise, to get your circulation and endorphins going, the feel good hormones.


I have a dear friend from Southern Arizona Hiking Club and we got talking about the lack of exercise among my clients. She gave me so many good ideas. Many of my clients express to me how much they want to be outdoors during the day, during the very hours they are indoors doing an 8-5 job. Being outside is one of the healthiest things we can do. We have the fresh air and sunlight; all forms of nutrition.


So how can you get going? Sometimes it's better to workout with a friend, that way you really get up and do it. Check out your local outdoor type clubs. For example, in Tucson we have:

Southern AZ Hiking Club (

Southern AZ Paddlers Club (

Greater AZ Bicycle Association ( and the

Orienteering Club (


That's just for starts. You can google clubs in your area. Also, you have the option of the health clubs. Just think movement. Maybe today it's gardening, playing with your children, doing housework or walking in the neighborhood. Perhaps, it's yoga, pilates, chi kung or the martial arts. Just find a few activities that you enjoy doing and get going.


I plan my schedule around my workout. I enjoy hiking, walking, yoga and tennis. The key is to pick a few activities that you enjoy. Do it with a friend; that always helps. When you join clubs, you meet new people and that's another plus. If you choose gardening, you can begin to grow and nurture the very natural foods you can begin to eat not to mention get a good workout outside.


Remember, when you have air and sunlight for nutrition and you get your endorphins going, you have the tendency to eat less not more. Now that's a big plus for working out. If you want to email me any of your unique ways of getting yourself into movement, please do so. I can post it in the next newsletter.


My friend Maria on our hike on the Pontatoc Trail in Tucson, Nov 26, 2011, Thanksgiving weekend.
Final Words

I want to thank all of you who have come in. I so appreciate your enthusiasm in striving for better health and overcoming food addiction. The most popular cleanses the last month have been the Alejandro Junger MD, Clean Program; the Andreas Mortiz, Liver Gall Bladder Flush and Dr Schulze's 5-Day Bowel Detox! People are getting better, feeling better and thinking clearer. I invite you to take the next step on your return to nature and a return to yourself.

Enjoy and be in touch,
Sheila Shea, Director
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