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Volume 27 Issue 1 May  2015
Wardrobe Woes

Do you dread selecting your clothes for work? Do you find you spend more than you would like on clothes for work because you "have nothing to wear"? Having too many clothes can actually make getting ready for work harder AND cost you money! 
With students graduating and starting to job hunt, knowing how to better manage your wardrobe and its' cost can help you as you enter the workforce. It's also great info for those currently working but needing ideas as to how best to manage wardrobe costs. 
Here is a great article to help you manage your wardrobe and the cost of it.

Money Lessons
We learn from our parents, teachers, friends, blogs, financial advisors and a host of others we come in contact with. However, our parents are our first teachers when it comes to money and finances. What did you learn or wish you had learned earlier where money and money management is concerned?

The Money Professors

This is a great article about the "money professors" who are helping educate students about money while still in college. The program helps educate students about the ins and outs of money management and challenges those in the class to collectively save a set amount by the end of the semester. 

Money Masters 

Upcoming Webinar!

Thursday May 21 at 3:30 pm

Student Loan Repayment Options

It can be expensive to go to college and the costs just keep going up. Taking out student loans had become the norm, but the recent recession and the accompanying high unemployment rate for college grads made the nation realize the consequences of too much student debt. Join us for this webinar to learn how to handle repaying student loans. 


Topics include:

  • Types of repayment plans,
  • Loan forgiveness programs and their income tax implications,
  • Strategies for paying off loans faster, and
  • The consequences of student loan default.







The next Financial Education Class will be June 6,2015 in Poteau. The new schedule for 2015 is currently available at our website and you can sign up for classes now. 

 Call 866-933-2260 for more information

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