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May 2017 
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May 16-18: Contacts Training
AuthorityFilesConsistency is Key
Consistency in data entry is important for accurate research and review of your records. PastPerfect uses authority files to help standardize and speed up data entry. Authority files are available while adding or editing records and when querying records or using any of the Research functions. To add or edit entries in your authority files, go to the Main Menu, click Setup, and then click Authority Files.

Authority files can be flagged for verification when Security is activated in PastPerfect. Authority file verification can help with consistent data entry by notifying users who have populated a field with information that does not correspond to the field's authority file. Verification can also force users to only select entries from a field's authority file.

Function keys are another way to speed up data entry by providing a single-key input of common words or phrases. The Setup Function Key screen is accessed from the PastPerfect Main Menu by clicking Setup, then clicking Function Keys. The keys F3-F6 and F9-F12 can be redefined as often as you like. The F1 key is used to access help, F2 is reserved as the Save key, F7 is reserved for accessing authority files, and F8 is set as today's date, entered as [Date]. Each user can have his or her own function key assignments when users have been set up through Security.

Check out our Video Tech Tips and Knowledge Base articles for more information:
TrainingUpcoming Training Classes
PastPerfect's Online Training classes are taught by experienced PastPerfect staff, designed to fit your busy schedule, and priced within your budget. Join us for the following class:

Managing Contacts, Donations, and Membership with PastPerfect 5.0
May 16 - 18 | 10:00am - 12:30pm Eastern (7:00am - 9:30am Pacific)

Training classes start at just $69 per person for AASLH members. Registered participants receive a free training CD that complements the course.

Call 1-800-562-6080 to reserve your seat! Classes fill quickly.
UpdateSoftware Update: 5.0E5
The latest update for PastPerfect 5.0 has been released and is available to download for free from our website.

Check out our Knowledge Base article on updating or give us a call if you have any questions at 1-800-562-6080. Our support team is happy to assist with installing the update.
ThisILoveThis I Love
Every volunteer and staff member has a few collection items that capture their imagination in a special way. We've started a series to highlight these items and share them with the museum community. This contribution comes from Hilary Fleck, Collections Manager at the Monroe County History Center.

"This artifact is rather unusual for a small historical museum in Central Indiana to possess as bears have been rarely seen in Indiana since the time of our early pioneers. However, this 7 foot 6 inch tall Kodiak Bear is a key artifact in the collection of the Monroe County History Center. The mount came to the History Center from the Schmalz family, who owned a long-standing department store in Bloomington, Indiana. The owner, Roy Schmalz, was an avid hunter and traveled the world big game hunting. Among his trophies are a buffalo, cougar, polar bear, moose, and this artifact, a Kodiak bear. Mr. Schmalz received permission to hunt the bear from the Federal Government in 1949 because at that time, Alaska was not yet a state in the Union. Kodiak bears live exclusively on the Kodiak Islands in Alaska.

This bear made its way into our museum because its taxidermy form became a local fixture in Bloomington for a number of years. Mr. Schmalz sold hunting gear and also displayed his hunting trophies in his department store. Many local adults remember as children going into the department store and seeing the bear. Once the store closed in 1988, the family donated the much loved bear to the Monroe County History Center. In 2013, the History Center sponsored a local school contest to name the bear, and 'Monroe' was the hands down favorite. 'Monroe' still greets visitors as they first walk into the exhibits galleries, and can be heard roaring throughout the museum!"

Thank you to the Monroe County History Center for sharing your collection online!

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SpotlightOnline Collection Spotlight
The online collection of the Beaches Museum & History Park contains historic photographs and postcards of the Beaches communities, located in Florida.

View the Beaches Museum & History Park's Online Collection.
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