MAY 2017

Thanks to all of you wonderful donors who have helped us  
accomplish much-needed repairs to keep this wonderful example  
of New York's maritime history afloat and flourishing.

Your contributions have helped us to complete the following projects...  
(But there's still a lot more to do, and a lot more $$$ needed to do it.  
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We replaced the silencers on two engines.  
This required opening the side of the main house to remove and replace them, then rebuilding that area of the house.    
We replaced two badly corroded engine room air intakes
and added a table to better utilize the wasted space between. 

We removed deteriorated structure at the Pilot House windows and f abricated
steel window frames... fabricated oak interior frames and
have installed new glass
(a 360 degree view through new clear glass is a wondrous thing).

We are upgrading electrical systems in the pilot house, including 
the main 12V breaker panel, the 12V battery charger, an isolation switch for the 110 VAC feed, and an overhaul of all 12V wiring.

We installed a new toilet in the upper head and restored it to usable condition.
(Thank goodness!!!)
We cut out corroded steel in the deck house bulkheads and patched them.

It has taken extensive work to remove, realign and reinstall
major 18" fire piping for a new cast iron 'tee' fitting 
in the firefighting plumbing with custom cast fitting.

With the tireless efforts of our HARVOL volunteers we have
removed peeling paint throughout the boat, primed and painted the   
deckhouse, the interior of watertight doors, the cap rail, the
gunwales, the pilot house 'roof', the main deck, and the boat deck.

We have restored the nozzle platform in the "Gold Room"
... And, with safety being our top priority,
First Mate David Grill demonstrated the proper way to stow our life vests for safe and easy access. All unzipped, belts run out to the furthest limit, and all neatly stacked the same way. It's the little details that count for a lot.
Thanks David! 
All of this necessary work has been made possible  
by your generous donations and the efforts of our volunteers. 
But, there is so much more that needs to be done.  
We thank you for your past consideration and fervently hope  
that you will consider helping us with another round of  
tax deductible donations, which you can make by CLICKING HERE.

on a dreary Saturday morning
our day was brightened by the family of Charlie Curtiss
who had brought him down to his favorite fireboat
for a tour of the boat and a birthday party on the pier. 
Thank you for your kind donation.
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Looking forward to seeing you aboard.
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