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Dear Broker Partners,

I am excited to announce that Minuteman Health has had yet another very successful open enrollment period for April 1. Our new business growth has increased well over 300% since last year and we have our broker partners to thank for this tremendous success. It would not have been possible without your continued support.

We want you to be aware that we continue to experience high volumes of quoting activity for May 1 new business and have added additional staff resources to support you. As always, the Minuteman Health sales team is ready to assist you as well.

Other important information to know: 
  • All Minuteman Health groups sold through HSA have a rolling 12-month cycle (e.g., a May 1 new business effective date would have a May 1 renewal)
  • Many new Minuteman Health clients are "buying up" on plan designs (e.g., from a $2,000-deductible plan to a $1,000-deductible plan, or from a $1,000-deductible plan to a copay-only plan)
  • There are no annual or monthly fees for any groups sold with Minuteman Health through HSA
  • All brokers receive the Minuteman Health standard monthly commission and are eligible for our bonus plans for all commission-eligible business
As you know, Minuteman Health's mission is to provide the marketplace with a low-cost option for health care that offers adequate access to high-quality and efficient providers. Employers who are interested in significant savings should consider joining Minuteman Health.

Please contact your Sales Director with any questions.

Keith Ledoux
Vice President of New Sales and Retention
Office: 857-317-6484
Cell: 774-232-2297
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